An Autistic Student Failed His Exams, So His Teacher Sent Him This Powerful Letter

When 11-year-old Ben sat through his most recent exams, he tried his very best, but the results weren’t exactly what he was hoping for. The school’s assistant head teacher, Ruth Clarkson, decided to let Ben know how special he is despite those test results.

She wrote him this heartfelt letter that would bring even the coldest person to tears.

Ben’s mom, Gail, posted the letter on her Twitter profile. She explained that Ben, “has social and communication difficulties, sensory issues and his brain processing is slow —  he is a visual learner and needs a lot of repetition, but much more than that, he is kind, funny, and loving.”

Mrs. Clarkson mentions in her letter that for Ben, just being able to sit through all those exams was an achievement in itself, and that moved Gail to tears.

Gail shared the letter online to let others know that more children need to receive the same kind of feedback.

Ben’s reaction to the letter was nothing but joy. He said, “I couldn’t believe that someone had said all those lovely things about me.”


Way to go, Ben! 🙂