Teen Mom Caught Shoplifting, Cries When Cop Leads Her To Another Store

A teen mom teared up when a cop did something out of the usual protocol.

Sheena Davenport was only 17 when she gave birth to her daughter, Skylar. Her fiancé, Logan McPherson, lost his job when their baby turned a year old.


Since Davenport never got her high school diploma, the couple were left with very limited options to feed themselves and their daughter. Although they received help from food banks, food and money were still hard to come by.

The teenage mother believed it to be the worst day of her life when she could not find anything in the kitchen to feed her daughter.


She resorted to stealing food from Walmart and this ultimately landed her in hot water. Davenport pleaded guilty to theft in court.

As she filed her paperwork, beside her the whole time was Dothan Police Officer Katrina Culbreath. The cop could relate to the teen mother’s struggle, as she once tried hard to support her family when she was younger.

After the hearing, the cop asked Davenport to follow her car. Confused about the demand, the young mother still complied.


Adding to the confusion, Culbreath pulled over into the parking lot of a grocery store. The cop then announced to Davenport and her family that she wanted to buy them food and diapers for the baby.


Although the cop only wanted to quietly support the young family with the little resources she had left, it was Davenport who shared on social media the act of kindness she showed to her family.

“I wanted her to know I knew how she felt, but nothing is [ever] worth stealing. I made it clear that day if she ever needed any food or clothes not to steal, find me. I will help you as much as I can. If I can’t, I will help her find someone who will,” the kind cop stated in an interview with a local newspaper.

Not only did Culbreath buy groceries for Davenport and her family, she also helped look for funds to get the young mom get back to school. “There are still people out there to make a difference. When my time comes, I will pay it forward,” Davenport wrote on her Facebook account.