World’s Hottest Criminal Is Released From Jail And Is Now A Model

A criminal whose mugshot had all the girls (and guys) swooning has recently been released from jail — and now he’s a model.


Meet foxy felon (aka “Mugshot McDreamy”) Jeremy Meeks, who’s been charming the ladies since 2014,  after the Stockton Police Department posted a photo of his mugshot on their Facebook page.

He drew more than 101k “likes” and 12,000+ shares. So what’s the story? Well, just before going behind bars, Meeks had signed a modeling contract with White Cross Management.

But the crushworthy convict went from hot property to hard time when he was sentenced to 27 months in federal prison during a gang sweep for gun possession in Stockton, CA.


A felon after serving time in 2002 for grand theft, Meeks had a loaded .45 caliber pistol on him during his latest altercation in 2014, a federal crime threatening to lock him up for up to 10 years. No bueno!

Fortunately for Meeks, the judge had a sympathetic streak, sentencing Meeks to slightly over two years and 500 hours in a substance abuse program.

Recently released, this free bird is now allowed to start modeling. Get ready for his close-up.

This time, thankfully, not a mug shot.

For more photos of Mr McDreamy, check out his Instagram page.