This 5-Month-Old Baby Looked So Adorably Betrayed After Watching Her Parents Kiss

5-month-old Ella lives with her parents Matt and Krissy Hanneken and her two big brothers. They live in Maryland, US, and recently were going through their regular bedtime routine when Ella threw the most adorable strop for the cutest reason.

Before bed, Ella gets a kiss on each cheek from her mommy and daddy, which she loves.


But when Matt and Krissy gave each other a kiss, Ella could not handle it.


“This one particular night, it was really late at night, she was just way tired,” said Matt, “And we did it and she looked at us like, ‘what did you just do?!'”

Ella looked so betrayed that her parents had dared to kiss each other and not just her. Just look at that face.


Continue reading for the video of Ella’s adorable reaction.