Photographer Perfectly Captures The Nightmare That Is Tokyo’s Rush Hour Commute

Did you know Tokyo holds the Guinness World Record for having the largest average number of daily passengers, at 3.64 million per day?

63-year-old German photographer Michael Wolf, best known for portraying what life is like in large cities around the world, noticed this phenomenon when he first came to Tokyo to report on the 1995 Subway Sarin Incident. The amount of people inside the trains immediately caught his interest.

Wolf spent years trying to perfectly capture the rush hour commute in Tokyo, which he described in a CNN report as “far more intense than other cities.”

“I was interested in creating a visual metaphor,” Wolf said in an interview with Huck Magazine. “The negative effect that life in mega cities has on its inhabitants.”

This resulted in a photo series entitled “Tokyo Compression.” The photo series shows us photographs of nameless men and women finding themselves pressed up against walls and condensed windows. A horrendous sight normalized in the eyes of the daily Japanese commuter.











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