This Dad Was Left In Tears After His Son Saved All His Birthday Money To Buy Him A Special Gift

Most 11-year-old kids probably spend Christmas Day excitedly opening up all their presents that, unknown to them, their parents worked hard to buy.

But one little guy has shown true Christmas spirit by saving all his birthday money to buy his dad one very special gift.


In a sort video that’s since gone viral, dad Mike is given a massive gift. He tears into it, thinking it’s a new saucepan, but there’s another box hidden inside.

“That’s a freaking lot of duct tape!” he exclaims.

But it turns out his son had splashed all of his own cash, saved from his birthday, on a brand-new PlayStation 4 games console for his dad.


“Mike, just so you know, he saved up all his money to buy you this,” says a voice in the background, “Every single penny. That’s why he asked for money for his birthday, so he could buy you this.”

You can watch the heartwarming moment below. We lost it when Mike admits, “You made me cry!” before giving his boy a well-deserved hug.

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