Trump Appeals To Suburban Women: ‘Will You Please Like Me?’

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

President Trump on Tuesday appealed to suburban women to support his reelection bid  while at a campaign rally in Johnstown, Pa., 

The development comes amid polls showing that Trump’s campaign was not performing well among that particular group of voters.

“They talk about the suburban women. And somebody said, ‘I don’t know if the suburban woman likes you.’ I said, ‘Why?’” Trump told the crowd, though he did not clarify to whom he had spoken. “They said, ‘They may not like the way you talk,’ but I’m about law and order. I’m about having you safe. I’m about having your suburban communities. I don’t want to build low-income housing next to your house.”

The president added, “Suburban women, they should like me more than anybody here tonight because I ended the regulation that destroyed your neighborhood. I ended the regulation that brought crime to the suburbs, and you’re going to live the American dream. So can I ask you to do me a favor? Suburban women, will you please like me? I saved your damn neighborhood, OK?”