Trump Promises To Help Rebuild Businesses In Riot-Stricken Kenosha

Trump in Kenosha
'We're going to help people rebuild their businesses in Kenosha.'

President Trump on Tuesday visited riot-stricken Kenosha, Wisconsin to get an up-close look on how much damage was caused by the on-going civil unrest.

Trump surveyed the aftermath and blasted “anti-American” riots as he pledged help to rebuild devastated businesses.

During his visit, Trump announced a $1-million fund for Kenosha law enforcement “so you have extra money to go out and do what you have to do.” 

He also announced $4 million to support local businesses affected by the violence and $42 million to support public safety statewide. This includes support for law enforcement and prosecutors.

“We’re going to get it fixed up, we’re going to help people rebuild their businesses in Kenosha…we’re getting it straightened out,” Trump said.

The president toured the area and stopped at the remains of a burned building still smelling of smoke. 

Trump was accompanied by Attorney General William Barr and acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wold. 

The president spoke with law enforcement and six business owners who reportedly lost their businesses during the riots.

Trump addressed them at a roundtable discussion, “Kenosha been ravaged by anti-police and anti-American riots. These are not acts of peaceful protests, but domestic terror.” 

“To stop the political violence we must also confront the radical ideology that includes this violence. Reckless far-left politicians continue to push the destructive message that our nation and our law enforcement are oppressive or racist — they’ll throw out any word that comes to them,” Trump added.

The president also praised the deployment of the National Guard, which he had called for, as the pivotal move in curbing the violence in Kenosha.

“The Violence stopped six days ago, the moment the Guard entered the picture,” he tweeted Tuesday morning. He said in Kenosha that if more states would deploy the National Guard, “it would all over very very quickly.”

His visit took a markedly pro-police tone, saying that cops are put under “tremendous pressure.”

“They have a quarter of a second to make a decision, and if they make a wrong decision one way or another, they’re either dead, or they’re in big trouble — and people have to understand that,” Trump said.