U.S. Reaches 500,000 Deaths From Coronavirus

Coronavirus disease

The United States coronavirus death toll has surpassed half a million since February last year.

According to the NBC News tally, as of Sunday the total deaths directly attributed to the pandemic has reached 500,704 nationwide, with 28,734,397 confirmed cases. There have been more than 2,462,000 confirmed deaths from the coronavirus worldwide. 

The United States death toll is more than one-fifth of the world’s deaths due to the pandemic, even though it has less than 5% of the total world population. 

Among the states, California has recorded the most number of confirmed cases with more than 3,530,000 and 49,246 deaths. Texas had the second most cases at 2,592,000, and 42,255 deaths.

With more than half a million dead, the tally is comparable to the population of Atlanta, Georgia or Sacramento, California. 

The number of new cases has fallen to less than 100,000 new cases per day on Feb. 12. The country recorded more than 402,000 new cases on December 20, a single day record.

The government is committed to keeping precautions like masks and social distancing in place to further slow down the spread of the virus.