Universities Now Offer George Floyd Memorial Scholarships

George Floyd
George Floyd Memorial Scholarships now up for grabs.

Some big-name universities have created scholarships and memorial funds in honor of the late George Floyd.

North Central University in Minneapolis was the first to implement a George Floyd scholarship. Its president, Scott Hagan, urged “every university president in the United States to establish your own George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund.” 

Pennsylvania State University, the University of Minnesota, the University of Memphis, Ohio University, the University of Utah were among the first to heed the call.

Reports said the scholarships will come from mostly minority backgrounds. The scholarships will also benefit students who want to major in social justice-related majors.

Alabama State University President Quinton Ross also included Greg Gunn, a black man who died recently in a shoot-out involving police, in the name of the scholarship fund.

Ross explained, “He was a man who was chased by a Montgomery police officer through a local neighborhood and killed just steps away from his mother’s front door. Gunn at one time attended classes at Alabama State University. This scholarship also is representative of Floyd, Gunn, and any black man or a black woman who has died in similar situations.”

Penn State University, for its part, said it will match up to $10 million in diversity scholarship donations. It also dedicated a $50,000 endowment to the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship in Educational Equity.