14 Food Hacks That Will Take Your Cooking To The Next Level

#1. Use a spray bottle for oil, so you’ll enjoy less oily meals and save money buying oil less often.


#2. Avoid eating a large meal before bed; your last meal should be 3-4 hours before you go to sleep.


#3. Fry with two tablespoons of broth instead of oil for healthier meals bursting with flavor.


#4. Make sauces with natural yoghurt instead of using store-bought sauces, which are often full of additives, preservatives, and sugar.


#5. Use fruit puree as a substitute for butter in baking.


It makes desserts less fatty and tastes awesome, too. Try these easy and delicious purees to get started.

#6. Invest in cast-iron cookware, as it doesn’t give off harmful substances and conducts heat better.


#7. Season broccoli with mustard.

Food Network 

It tastes great and mustard helps you digest all that vitamin B in broccoli. Get started with this simple salad.

#8. Make your own mince, as it’s fresher, tastier, and lower in fat than ready-made mince (it tastes better, too).


#9. Buy smaller plates and bowls to stop yourself piling up your plate and overeating.


#10. Try different kinds of flour, like oat or buckwheat, for healthier pastries and to bring new flavors and textures to your baking.


#11. Garnish dishes with sesame seeds as they’re super-rich in calcium — and your meals will look totally Instagram-worthy.


#12. Instead of boring breadcrumbs, coat food in ground nuts, chickpeas, lentil flour — whatever takes your fancy.


It’s healthier than always using a breadcrumb coating and recipes like this dukkah-coated chicken taste divine.

#13. Keep vegetables fresh in the fridge by wrapping them in paper towels to absorb excess moisture and prevent mould.


#14. Cut down your salt intake by only adding salt to your plate, not the entire pot.