Watch This Terrifying Video Of A Mum Beaten On Doorstep After Asking Teens To Stop Climbing Her Shed

Emma Mason-Lucas, 34, was beaten on her doorstep after telling a teenager to stop climbing on her garden shed.

The incident happened in her home in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

It reportedly started when Mason-Lucas spotted a group of teenagers on her shed.—which is attached to the side of her house—and shouted at them to get down.


The homeowner claims they were playing truth or dare and were shining torches, which was what caught her attention.

The CCTV footage of the attack shows Jamie Dainty, 19, kicking and hammering on the door of Mason-Lucas’ house. When she emerges, he lets loose on her.

As the two wrestle with one another, another woman attempts to come between them.


Two other people crowd around the pair, but the fight only gets worse as Mason-Lucas is thrown against a car.


Her mother, Brenda Fermandel was also hurt in the incident.

The mum-of-two was left with bruising all over her body as well as cuts to her back, arms, legs, and shoulders after the vicious attack.

Mason-Lucas has questioned the court’s decision to let Dainty walk free, saying she feels “betrayed”.

Dainty pleaded guilty to two cases of assault by beating. His punishment includes a six-week curfew, a community order, and a £150-fine.

Mason-Lucas submitted a formal complaint to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for the lenient sentencing.


“I just feel so let down and betrayed by the justice system,” she said. “It’s disgusting he only got a curfew.”

“I heard hard banging on the door and I’ve swung it open to push him away.”

“He’s punched me in the head several times. I couldn’t wash my hair for several days because it was so sore. He’s also grabbed my neck and if I’d hit the spoiler of my car in a different place I could have died or been paralysed,” she added.

“It’s not justice. I’ve got the CCTV footage and I feel the CPS should have been pushing for a more serious charge. I’ve looked into appealing but I went to numerous solicitors and none of them help victims. I’ve been going round in circles.”

She also mentioned that her two own children were sleeping upstairs as the attack was happening.

“I’ve shouted at the kids to get down off the shed, the reply was f**k off I’m not getting down,” she added. “What am I meant to do about that? I can’t physically drag them down.:

“In the meantime, he is stood in the background listening. He then took matters into his own hands,” Mason-Lucas said about Dainty.

“You can’t see the invisible injuries where he has punched my head several times,” she added. “I suffer from a trapped nerve now in between my shoulders and I’ve got a bad back.

“He has got away with common assault. It could have gone wrong, he could have paralysed me or killed me.”

Watch the security footage below: