This Video Is Spreading Online Like Wildfire. You Have To See This.

Everyone should watch this video at least once. Already seen it? Then share it with others.


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  1. Yup. One of my friends come to visit often. He sits at our table and while I’m still talking, would get his phone out and start scrolling or texting. I stop talking and he does not even notice. But he is a good friend in every other way, so I just put up with it and say nothing.

  2. Social media is not social at all, it’s quite the opposite. It’s more realistic to call it anti-social media.

  3. Electronic gadgets add spices to lndividual life but creates mental dent.

  4. I saw this 12 months ago and it made me think what we are doing to civilisation and that we do not listen do we!! I am going to try longer this time its time for all of to listen

  5. I agree one hundred pc. It is a sad world surreal world of technology we live in.

  6. Some good point made here butthere are people for who social media is a lifeline eg the housebound or disabled who cant get out as easily as others. but i do agree it can take over peoples lives.

  7. People are Lonely ; But Bad ! Phones are not for All the time ; Lonely Fools ! Get a Brain !

  8. Neil Postman made this oversimplified statement: “the media IS the message”. In that sense we would still be suckers of the “God of this world” if we “share” this on facebook. Remedy: to step away from it all and meet with physical people in physical places 🙂

  9. I use FB to keep in touch with friends in Pilipinas and my relatives in other states. It is not what this man describes for me. I use the phone or video chat often to get more personal with friends or family.

  10. A great v ideo Sarah, but without I. T. you were but a fond memory – an out of date ‘phone no.- a wonderful wife and mother of Charlie and Amelia. I ‘ m sure I ‘ m right!

  11. All things in moderation, a little bit of what you fancy does you good and control is literally in your own hands!

  12. This sends shudders down my spine! I watch mothers walking with baby in prams they don’t enjoy chatting to their babies enjoying those precious moments, or kids on the school bus all with their heads down, or mealtimes withe the dreaded phones being given presidency over family discussions and laughter and they call this progress!

  13. Nice video. But same time the one made this video is an attention seeker. He made this video to get attentions and maybe to be famous and known too because of his video.
    And the women rights and equality and freedom in europe and usa that made most women there snobs and bitchy and superficial and only want very good looking guys is why so many guys are lonely and most relationship not working.
    a lot og shit comes because of womens freedom.
    just search “Roosh V” and read and watch some of his videos about women this days in west europe and usa.
    They are the reason why all those singles and not serious in relationship and less marriage and less kids and less families and so many singles living alone.
    Even worse that this techology thing.

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