Waitress Was Stabbed By Customer Who Didn’t Want To Pay

When a man rushed out of a restaurant without paying his bill, one waitress went out to chase him.

The 34-year-old waitress who works for Las Pupusas Del Chino in Chelsea, Massachusetts left the restaurant at around 11PM.


She then followed the man to his car where he brandished a knife and stabbed her in the neck and slashed her right hand.

“Everything just happened all of a sudden. When I walked up to the front, they said she’s running to this customer. He went without paying. And so, that’s when I came out,” said restaurant manager Gilberdo Ramos.

The woman was found bleeding in the street about two blocks away from the restaurant. She suffered two serious slash wounds to the neck and the wrist but was attended to immediately.


“When I arrived on scene, they were putting her into the ambulance,” Ramos said.

No arrests have been made so far but police are still investigating the incident. The authorities said that the man drove westbound in a red sedan with a Colorado license plate that reads GAQ-633.


The man is thought to have dined at the restaurant before and police have a strong lead in the case.

It is unclear how much money the man owes the restaurant but the manager said that the waitress confronted him because she was frustrated of customers always dining and dashing.


“They just probably got tired of people just running out without paying, you know? We get that a lot. But until now, we’ve never had any problems like that,” Ramos said.