What Is Your Soul Aesthetic? Quiz

How would your friends describe you to someone you’ve never met?







Which of these do you value most in your life?







Which of the following is your ideal date location?

An art museum

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A park

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An arcade

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A theme park

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A rooftop

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A movie theatre

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Which of these movie genres is your favorite?






Animated Disney

Which of these would you rather be complimented on?

My personality

My cooking

My intelligence

My style

My taste in music

My humor

Which of these art pieces speaks to you the most?

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Which of these music genres do you enjoy the most?







Which of these gifts would you be most touched to receive?

A tin of baked goods

A plane ticket

A personalized scavenger hunt

A signed copy of your favorite book

A bouquet of your favorite flowers

A new luxury car

Which of these images makes you feel the most at home?

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Which of these supernatural creatures would you rather be?

A fairy

A dragon

A vampire

A mermaid

A zombie

An alien

Which of these characteristics do you find most annoying in other people?

Being boring

Being impatient

Being ignorant

Being dependent

Being a follower

Being defensive

What is your favorite kind of weather?


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Lightning storms

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Clear and sunny

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Cool and breezy

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If you could live in any of these places, which one would you pick?

An abandoned castle taken over by plants

A tiny mushroom cottage in the woods

A high rise apartment at the bottom of the ocean

Inside a giant Halloweentown jack-o-lantern

A far away city where all the residents are magical

A bouncy house on top of a fluffy cloud

If you were a cookie flavor, what would you be?

Chocolate chip cookie

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Strawberry jam cookie

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Red velvet cookie

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Confetti cookie

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Oatmeal raisin cookie

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And finally, if you were living in a movie, what character would you want to be?

The protagonist

The villain

The funny best friend

The love interest

The sarcastic older sibling

The mentor


You’re someone who has a passion for the past. Maybe you think ’90s movies are way better than anything out nowadays, or perhaps your favorite snacks today are the ones you grew up eating as a kid. You have a pure, youthful energy and love to share your passion with the people around you. Some people may claim you refuse to grow up, but you know that really, you’re never too old to have fun!


You’re a nature lover with a taste for the simple things in life. You’d pick a calm, quaint life somewhere with lots of trees and gorgeous flowers over living in a big city any day. You’re a naturally nurturing person with a big heart and a bright spirit.


You’re someone who positively refuses to lead a boring life. You definitely play by your own rules and hate nothing more than being told what to do. When you get into something — like fandoms, games, or even hobbies — you get _really_ into them and practically become an expert. You have a bold personality and a dark, ironic sense of humor.


You’re a total sweetheart! You’re aesthetic is bubblegumcore, also previously known as softcore. You’re a genuine, down-to-Earth person. You’re always the first one to offer your friends a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. Some people might call you sensitive, but you’ve just got a massive heart!

Dark Academia

You’re someone with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Sometimes that means staying up reading until 2 in the morning because you simply _must_ know what happens, and other times it means binge-watching true crime shows and trying to solve the cases yourself. You have a taste for the classics and live your life like you’re the protagonist of a coming-of-age movie. You have a bright mind and an even brighter future ahead of you!


You’re super chill and laid-back. You’re an artsy person whose head is almost always in the clouds. You hate the dull monotony of routines and instead fill your life with great books, movies, and music to escape it. You have a naturally adventurous spirit and want nothing more than to travel the world and experience all it has to offer.

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