Which Toxic Man Is My Soulmate? Love Toxic Quiz

Pick a drink:



Dry martini

Timothé Durand

Iced tea

yeoul Shin

Chocolate milk

WS Studio via Getty Images

Whiskey sour

Johann Trasch


Laura Chouette

Espresso martini

Dmitry Dreyer

Pick a sad _Folklore_ lyric:

‘They told me all of my cages were mental, so I got wasted like all my potential’

‘I can go anywhere I want, anywhere I want, just not home’

‘I’m still a believer, but I don’t know why’

‘You’re not my homeland anymore, so what am I defending?’

‘You knew the password, so I let you in the door. you knew you won, so what’s the point of keeping score?’

‘You drew stars around my scars, now I’m bleeding’

‘You showed me colors you know I can’t see with anyone else’

You’re getting pulled over — what do you do?


Fake an emergency

Get in to a car chase

Use the force

Tell them who your dad is

Accept the ticket


What’s your go-to selfie style?

Mirror pic



Mirrior pic at the gym

I only take professional headshots


Eww, I don’t take selfies

Pick your fav rom-com:

_How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days_

Paramount Pictures

_You’ve Got Mail_

Warner Bros.

_Notting Hill_

Universal Pictures

_When Harry Met Sally_

Columbia Pictures

_10 Things I Hate About You_


_My Big Fat Greek Wedding_

IFC Films

_Love, Rosie_


And pick a random place to live:

The suburbs

Jp Valery


Casey Horner

New York

Redd F

North Carolina

Elijah Mears


Cédric Dhaenens

Palm Springs

Don Stouder

A small town in the middle of nowhere

Monica Bourgeau

Nate Jacobs (_Euphoria_)

What can you say? You like your men protective…maybe a bit too over protective.

Coriolanus Snow (_The Hunger Games_)

If your boo isn’t holding a grudge 50 years after your breakup, you don’t want him.

Rafe Cameron (_Outer Banks_)

And don’t even think about breaking up with him — do you know who his father is?

Anakin Skywalker (_Star Wars_)

He’d literally jump in lava for you. What’s more romantic?

Billy Loomis (_Scream_)

He’ll think of you every time he watches _The Exorcist_. 🫶

Jack Chambers (_Don’t Worry Darling_)

You’re not happy in life — he’ll happily (and basically against your knowledge) change that!

Patrick Bateman (_American Psycho_)

Imagine all the late nights you two will spend overlooking the city and listening to Huey Lewis!

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