White House: Trump ‘Projecting An Image Of Strength’ As He Battles Coronavirus

President Trump
President Donald Trump

The White House has defended President Trump for “projecting an image of strength” as he continues his personal battle with the coronavirus, noting that he wants Americans to get back to “normal life safely.”

Upon his return from the White House from Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday evening, President Trump walked out onto the Truman Balcony overlooking the South Lawn, removed his face mask, and saluted military officers as Marine One departed the grounds. 

This move was heavily criticized and was even tagged as ‘irresponsible.’

White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah defended President Trump on “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday. She said, “At times like this, in these moments, it is highly important for the commander in chief to express confidence to our domestic population, and it is very important, to our allies and adversaries. The president is projecting an image of strength.”

Farah also addressed the issue of the president removing his mask while a White House photographer was on the balcony with him.

“This was a brief interaction,” she said. “Our photographers, we know, when we work with the president, wear your mask and keep your distance.”

“The world and the American people needed to see their president strong and leading,” Farah said.

Farah emphasized that the president’s focus is “working to defeat” COVID-19, while also making sure therapeutics and potential vaccines reach the American public.

“On this date, you are the most likely to survive and get treatment for the coronavirus because of this president’s leadership,” Farah noted.

“The president’s message is clear: while taking safe mitigation practices, Americans need to get back to ordinary life,” Farah stressed, adding that “businesses are closing and people cannot make ends meet.”

She reiterated Trump’s call to not let the virus dominate people’s lives. “The president wants us to get through coronavirus, to be safe and be smart, so we can get back to normal life. His point is, we can’t do this forever. We can’t keep the nation locked down.”

Fox News also asked Farah about a report published by the Associated Press, which suggested staff are angered by the outbreak of coronavirus within the White House.

Farah was quick to defend the president and the Trump administration staff.

“We feel comfortable working here, we are taking precautions in the West Wing, we need to be washing our hands, wearing masks when we can’t socially distance.” 

She also reacted to the negative report, stressing, “That is not representative of the vibe in the White House … If anything, the team has been highly inspired by the president’s strong leadership.”