Man Destroys Woman’s Car And Assaults Her After She Refused To Give Him Her Number

A woman shared a shocking video of a man’s violent reaction after she refused to give him her number.

Lorin Cantrell from Tennessee had just rejected a man at a parking lot after he had asked for her number. The man then reacted violently by destroying her car and assaulting Lorin.



In the CCTV footage, the man initially walks over to the driver’s side of the car. He then walks to the front and climbs on top of the hood where he begins to stomp on the bonnet.

The man is seen jumping up and down then violently kicking the windshield several times. Lorin then backs the car up in reverse trying to get the man off the car.

He stumbles and walks towards the passenger side of the car where he kicks the window in.

Lorin then steps out of the vehicle to confront him, but he approaches her and grabs her aggressively, pushing her down to the ground.

During the incident, there were two men who looked to be acquainted with the attacker. But they walked away and did nothing to stop the man from attacking Lorin.

A group of people surrounded the pair and tried to intercede. It is unclear whether Lorin has pressed charges against the man. But she made it a point to share the violent attack on Twitter to spread awareness.

The video was shared over 11,000 times on Twitter, with users reacting to the man’s ridiculous behavior.

Aside from having extensive damage to her car, Lorin sustained bruises from the incident.