Woman Helps Man Short On Cash At Wawa And Realizes He Is Keith Urban

A woman was behind who she thought was a down-and-out man at a restaurant, so she decided to help him, only to realize that it was actually country musician Keith Urban.

Ruth Reed, a substitute teacher from New Jersey, was lining up at a Medford Wawa when she noticed that the man in front of her didn’t have enough cash on him.


She had made a resolution to help Wawa customers and didn’t hesitate to help the man out. When she was done paying for the rest of his meal, he thanked her and said his name was Keith.

When she remarked that he looked like country singer Keith Urban, he said he was. At first, Ruth didn’t believe the country star, so she confirmed with his body guard that she was indeed talking to Keith Urban.

“It was then I realized what an idiot I was,” Ruth said.

The country musician happened to be in town for his concert on Friday night at Camden. After the incident, Keith took a picture with a very surprised Ruth.

A spokesperson for Wawa said they were “thrilled” by the story.


“We are lucky at Wawa to have the best customers around,” she said. “They include our wonderful regular customers, like Ruth, and occasionally music superstars like Keith Urban!”