Woman Hospitalized After Getting Infection From Pedicure

A woman from Noblesville, Indiana says that a pedicure almost cost her a foot.


Jennifer White got her pedicure 2 weeks prior at Nails and Lounge in Noblesville where she had a spa date with her 2 daughters. Over the course of 2 days, she noticed that her foot was turning purple and was swelling.

White decided to go to the emergency room and was diagnosed with a severe infection which landed her in the hospital for a week.


Doctors speculate that the spa might have accidentally made a small incision which caused the infection to enter her foot.

“I’m still here and they’re saying it’s due to the fact that I went to the nail salon… unclean, unsanitary and it’s made the infection settle in my foot,” said White.

According to the Indiana Administrative Code, the use of razor devices to shave, reduce or remove calluses or corns is prohibited at spas in the state. However, the manager at the spa where White had her pedicure done denied any use of any prohibited devices.

The manager also expressed that the spa follows proper sanitation and disposal of any tools according to state law.


The manager says that all the pedicure tubs are bleached after each use but since the incident with White, the spa has ordered plastic liners for each tub. She also denies that their pedicure caused the infection but says they are open to working with White to pay for her medical bills.