Shocking Video Shows Hundreds Walk Past Boy Eating Out Of Garbage Bins

Do you consider yourself a caring person? Would you ignore a desperate boy picking food out of a garbage bin?

Facebook/NZ Police

That’s what most people did over the course of a half an hour social experiment in Auckland, New Zealand.

The “hungry boy” video is part of a recruitment campaign by the New Zealand police, and poses the question “Do you care enough to be a cop?”

The police say that around 500 people ignored the boy during the 30 minutes of filming, avoiding eye contact or stepping around him to drop their rubbish in the bins he was rummaging through.

Facebook/NZ Police

In total, only 10 people stopped to speak to him.

Facebook/NZ Police

So ask yourself, what would you do? Because here’s what they did:

Hungry boy – Do you Care Enough to be a Cop?

What would you do?#icareenough

Posted by NZ Police Recruitment on Sunday, March 20, 2016