Dancer Who Lost Leg In Boston Marathon Bombing Plans To Finish Race This Time

A dancer who lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing is planning to finish the 26-mile race in April, two years after the horrific attack that changed her life.

Since recovering, Adrienne Haslet-Davis has been adjusting to her new prosthetic leg and training for the marathon, in which she’ll be raising money for charity Limbs for Life.


Adrienne has been building up to the marathon distance running with her carbon-fiber blade and, despite foxtrotting across the finish line last year, plans to run the entire race this year.

Your life unfolds in direct proportion to your courage

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“I knew it would be powerful if I were able to do it — not for myself but for other amputees who are saying, ‘I can’t do this or that,” she said.

Run like the wind #ladiesweekend Oh hi, Ojai

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What an inspiring lady. Good luck, Adrienne!