Meet Zeus, The Starry-Eyed Blind Owl Who Was Rescued From A Horrible Fate

They say that the eyes are windows to the soul. And in Zeus’s case, that soul reflects the very universe we live in — the wondrous starry heavens that shine on every clear night.

Zeus is a very special owl. He is blind in both eyes, which was the reason he was found injured on a porch in South California. A local vet referred him to the Wildlife Learning Center Sylmar, California, where his new family named the Western Screech Owl Zeus, after the Greek god of sky and thunder.

Because he is blind, Zeus can’t be released back into the wild. But he is thriving at the center as a result of the care and attention he is receiving from a team of dedicated animal lovers.

Zeus now lives in a trunk next to the desk of the center’s founder Paul Hahn.

Meet Zeus, a blind owl with stars in his eyes who currently lives at the Wildlife Learning Center, Sylmar, California.


The beautiful and unique Western Screech Owl flew into the wall of a house and hit his head.


Thankfully, Zeus was not injured. Flying when blind could have been deadly for him.


Obviously, the folks at the wildlife center couldn’t release him into the wild. He simply wouldn’t last out there.


In Greek mythology Zeus is the god of the sky, which seemed an apt name for an owl with such mesmerizing eyes.


Zeus now lives at the Wildlife Learning Center, where he is a source of wonder and happiness to visitors.


He even has a girlfriend and, being an owl, loves Halloween.


If you’re ever in California, be sure to visit Zeus and his friends at the Wildlife Learning Center.


Visit the Wildlife Learning Center’s website to see all the other amazing work it does with animals.