15 Weird Things You’ll Find At Walmart In China

Walmart is one of those places where you can buy pretty much anything you want as long as there is enough demand for it. Which may also explain why they’re doing pretty good in China too. Sticking to the same business practices, Walmart China offers its customers much desired products such as ‘assorted dried reptile parts’ and ‘pig faces’. While business is certainly booming there, the rest of us in the west can only look on with intrigue at some of these unusual products for sale.

Here are 15 of the strangest products we found:

#1: Crocodiles

#2: Mixed Meats

#3: Orange Juice + Oil

#4: Turtles and Frogs

#5: Walmart Brand Spirits

#6: Ribcages

#7: Assorted Dried Reptile Parts

#8: Boxes Of Liquor

#9: More Frogs!

#10: Chopsticks

#11: Ducks

#12: Beef Granules

#13: Pig Faces

#14: Male Bikini

#15: Bulk Rice