Here’s What Those Little White Marks On Your Nails Actually Mean

Ever wondered what those little white spots that appear on your nails are? Well, forget what your grandma told you — it’s nothing to do with calcium deficiency.


It’s a discoloration known as punctate leukonychia, generally caused by something as simple as a knock or bump to the nail.

They form when the nail bed — where new nail cells are made — receives a trauma and ends up forming damaged nail cells. As the nail grows, the discolored nail tissue moves up your nail and slowly disappears.

Like this. (This is a thumb injury, not punctate leukonychia, obviously.)

Injured thumb, took over 5 months to grow out.

While the discoloration is nothing to worry about, it can indicate a fungal nail infection or even be a symptom of illness, as your body fights fever rather than trying to produce pristine nail cells.


You can find out more in the video below.

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