10 Things Bisexuals Are Tired Of Hearing

To many, bisexuals are like the unicorns of the lgbt spectrum. Most people seem to be baffled at the very existence of these rare humans and constantly question their validity. But what most people don’t seem to understand is that sexuality is fluid. You’re bound to fall under some category of the Kinsey scale.

By definition, bisexuals are people who are sexually attracted to both males and females — they’re neither straight nor purely gay. And unless you want to be on their permanent ‘do-not-talk-to-this-person’ list, here are 10 things you should never say to them.

1. “So do you have threesomes a lot?”

While being bisexual does mean that they don’t mind having relations with either a male or female, it does not mean they crave to attend nightly sausage and taco fiestas.

2. “But you’re with a guy/girl right now so doesn’t that mean you’re straight/gay?”

With that logic, are you saying you’re gay when you’re single and only straight when in a relationship? Case in point: sexuality doesn’t rely on your relationship status.

3. “It’s just a phase, you’re straight/gay for sure!”

Oh, well, oh, wait, you’re straight? That’s just a phase!

4. “Dating should be easy for you, then!”

No, it’s not. Dating is hard for everyone. EVERYONE.

5. “Don’t try anything on me okay”

PSA: Being bisexual does not equal sex predator.

6. “But when you’re in a relationship with a guy, do you ever crave being with a girl?”

And vice versa. Being bisexual does not automatically mean sex addict. Bisexuals are, contrary to popular belief, capable of monogamous relationships. Whoa. Yeah. Amazing, right?

7. “I bet I can change your mind”

Bet you can’t.

8. “So, which gender is better?”

Do you mean in general or are you actually asking what we all think you’re asking? No. Just… No.

9. “Oh that’s cool. I could never date a bisexual though, I’d be too scared they would cheat on me”

It’s true, bisexuals are more likely to cheat in relationships, while straight people are more likely to cheat at beer pong. Also, gays are more likely to cheat at cards and lesbians are more likely to cheat at jengga. *Insert sarcasm sign here*

10. “But you don’t look bisexual”

Remind us all again

what a bisexual


is supposed

to look like?

The misconception of bisexuality has gone on long enough. For any bisexuals out there, just keep on being the sassy unicorns that you are. Even if that sassy unicorn is a lazy sloth or an adorable cat. Just keep on doing you.