11 Absolutely Gorgeous Photos Of The Most Spectacular Lavender Meadows In The World

Lavender is one of the most widely-grown floral crop in the world. Aside from its obvious beauty, the flower is prized for its aromatic scent and use in medicinal and cosmetic products.

Here are some of the most beautiful photos of lavender meadows from around the globe.

#1. Never-ending rows of purple.

#2. A gorgeous lavender meadow nestled in the mountains.

#3. Sunset at lavender fields.

#4. A fragrant meeting-place.

#5. Lavender as far as the eye can see.

#6. Dawn in the lavender fields.

#7. A lavender garden in the countryside.

#8. Sailing over the scented meadow.

#9. A billion flowers, all in a row.

#10. The rolling lavender converges.

#11. A sun-kissed afternoon.