16 Reasons Why Being An Aunt Or Uncle Is Awesome

It’s no secret that parenthood can enrich and fill your life with happiness. But what most people might not realise, is that being an aunt or uncle can be even more awesome. Here’s why.

#1. You’re allowed to spoil your nephews and nieces rotten without having to worry about long-term effects.

And if they somehow grow up to be spoiled, obnoxious brats, let their parents deal with it.

#2. You can splurge on impractical and often annoying toys without having to deal with the consequences.

You know, like those loud toys that most parents avoid like the plague for fear they’ll be driven insane.

#3. You are better able to cope with tantrums because you know it’s purely a temporary thing.

Just hand them back to their parents, and you can call it a day.

#4. You have an excuse to do kid stuff.

Being an adult is boring, but having nieces and nephews gives you an excuse to act like a kid without being creepy.

#5. You’re a hero in the eyes of parents.

It doesn’t matter if you take the kids for a day, or even just a few hours. They’ll be grateful for the kid-free break.

#6. You become “the coolest.”

Parents can be too serious with their chores and rules and conditions. But you? Well, let’s just say you’re not above bending the rules just a wee bit. After all, what harm can the occasional extra hour of television do?

#7. You become the recipient of random acts of love.

You will never want for hugs and kisses when your nieces and nephews are around. You will also accumulate a good number of amateur art made especially for you, usually with you in it.

#8. You get to go to children’s birthday parties.

Hey, any excuse to dress up as a superhero and eat cake and ice cream is always welcome, right? Best of all, you’re a guest, so you don’t have to clean up!

#9. You get to be the good guy.

It’s not your job to reprimand or put pressure on the little ones. Heaven knows they already get enough of that at home, so you can provide them with the environment where they could just be themselves and chill out.

#10. You can even be their advocate.

Sometimes, parents, in their infinite wisdom and exhaustion, can take the whole discipline thing a little too seriously. As an aunt (or uncle), you’re in a great position to offer the occasional perspective, and maybe even talk parents out of dishing out severe punishments.

#11. You get to know things that their parents won’t.

Some things may be too awkward to share with parents, but aunts can keep secrets like the best of ‘em.

#12. You get to share your wisdom.

You’re in a prime position to dish out good life lessons because you are older and wiser and know better. Obviously.

#13. Someone actually thinks you’re funny.

They may be little people, but they’re the only ones who would laugh at your lame jokes and find your antics hilarious. Because they just get you.

#14. You get free entertainment.

Because let’s face it — kids are funny AF.

#15. You get the full benefit of their cuteness.

Tiny hands. Chubby feet. Little faces that you could just stare at all day. Enough said.

#16. Best of all, you get to give them back when you’re tired of them.

At the end of the day, you get to go home to the peace and quiet of your toy-free apartment and have a good night’s sleep.


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