17 Illustrations That Show The Two Kinds Of People In This World

We’ve all heard it said many, many times — there are two kinds of people in this world. And to put it into perspective, talented illustrator and art director Joao Rocha of Lisbon, Portugal, created 2 Kinds of People Tumblr. He’s taken the little choices we make in everyday life and illustrated them in his uniquely minimalist way.

As Rocha wrote, “there are only 2 kinds of people in this world: those that find this blog hilarious and those that have no sense of humor whatsoever.”

#1. Those who don’t use folders, and those who do.

#2. Those who arrange their books by size, and those who don’t.

#3. Those who set one alarm (and probably hit the snooze button repeatedly), and those who know exactly how many more minutes they need.

#4. Those who ignore notifications, and those who don’t.

#5. Those who are still analog, and those who are digital.

#6. Those who can’t deal with browser bars, and those who can.

#7. Those who eat sushi with chopsticks, and those who ask for a fork.

#8. Those who are OCD and those who aren’t.

#9. Those who stick to a manual, and those who prefer automatic.

#10. Those who use bookmarks, and those who dog-ear.

#11. Those who are too lazy to choose, and those who make the effort.

#12. Those who slice one way, and those who slice another.

#13. Those who watch stuff on TV, and those who watch on their computers.

#14. Those who don’t use protection, and those that do.

#15. Those who use tabs, and those who can survive a browser avalanche.

#16. Those who don’t bother, and those who do.

#17. Those who are subtle, and those who aren’t.

So which one are you?

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