17 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Try Trail Running

#1. There’s no reason you should wake up early just to bust your lungs out.

#2. And who likes running on verdant, untouched rivers anyway?

#3. There’s nothing awe-inspiring about it.

#4. Drives up there are really boring.

#5. This doesn’t look breathtaking at all.

#6. There really isn’t much to see up there.

#7. Nights are better spent at home.

#8. There really aren’t a lot of trails to choose from.

#9. Because it’s too cold to run in the winter.

#10. Besides, trail runners aren’t fun.

#11. Nature is overrated.

#12. And there are times when you have to spend the night in a place with no hotels or restaurants.

#13. There’s nothing adrenaline-pumping about it.

#14. Running uphill is hard. And if it’s hard, there’s no satisfaction that can come from it, right?

#15. What’s so cool about muddy shoes anyway?

#16. You’re better off enjoying this view from a web browser as opposed to actually experiencing it.

#17. And you totally can’t take your partner with you.

For people who have actually tried trail running, it’s nothing but sheer bliss. They get to encounter nature at its purest state, and walk and run in places that have remained almost untouched by man.

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