19 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Iran

No doubt you’ve heard a lot about Iran in the media. And it’s true, Iran is a truly evil and terrifying place. Here we present 19 reasons you should never, ever, visit this godforsaken land.

#1. The capital city is basically a ruin.


Tehran’s skyline is truly mediocre.

#2. Everyone lives in a mud shack.


The Tabatabaei house in Kashan is a pretty miserable place to while away your days.

#3. The villages are pretty much what you’d find anywhere else.

Amos Chapple

If Palangan village, on the border with Iraq, looks mildly impressive, it’s just because of the lighting. Nothing to do with the near-vertical positioning of the houses.

 #4. The architecture is plain and lackluster.


Why would anyone want to visit the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz?

#5. Meh.


Oh Shiraz, is this the best you can do?

#6. The women are oppressed and downtrodden.

Dela Fard Instagram

She looks like she needs someone to liberate her.

#7. Iranians are a grumpy, pool-party-hating bunch.

therichkidsoftehran instagram

I would hate to be hanging out with this boring group.

#8. The food is unpalatable and bland.


I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a barge pole.

#9. There is no ancient history to this place.

Big deal. Every country has at least one 6th century BC Achaemenid Empire burial site.

#10. A traveller interested in history and culture would be totally bored here.

2,500-year-old sculptures? Pff. My local museum is way better.

#11. Iranians are a bunch of philistines.

Amos Chapple

There is no Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, and definitely no Warhol, Pollock, Munch, Hockney or Rothko to see. None. Don’t go there.

#12. The mosques are anything but exquisite and intricate.


The Seyyed Mosque in Isfahan was basically designed and painted by a child.

#13. Where I come from ceilings are white… WHITE, you hear me?!


Chehel Sotoun Palace in Isfahan is SO overrated.

#14. It has the most un-magical, boring countryside imaginable.

Amos Chapple

Why would anyone want to visit the mountainous Kurdistan region of Iran?

#15. The only wildlife in Iran comprises mosquitos and cockroaches.

Morteza Eslami

There are no Persian Cheetahs in Iran. The ‘Persian’ in the name is just a misnomer.

#16. It’s basically just one big, dusty, hell-hole of a desert.


The wide expanse of sand reaching out as far as the eye can see make for one, long, boring road trip.

#17. People in Iran ride on camels.

Khastarin Mashin Haye Tehran

Cars? No. The only option is camel travel.

#18. There is no snow (and no ski resorts) in Iran — as we said, it’s all desert


Dizin ski resort was a massive flop. The only thing you’ll find there is tumbleweed and the odd sheperd.

#19. Yep, Iran is a positively depressing place. Definitely never, ever visit it.


    • I believe there is more freedom in Iran than we believe in the west. You live there Sogand so how do you feel?

    • David Graham Scott Yes David. Whatever you know about Iran is totally different from reality. IRAN IS GREAT,believe me

    • David Graham Scott, you’re right
      180 different

    • Titvs Flavivs our government is terrible but our people are excellent.and arabs are nothing for us they just are some people who driving camels and eating Lizard thats all.and our foods are so so Delicious.and we have snow and Skiing ground.

  1. Good try to show the best aspects of the county you and me love. But if people like me and many other foreigners don’t go to Iran, is because of the lack of security with the fanatic lslamic authoities who rule that county, and not the people.

    • There are FAR more places on earth to fear more. Sidenote: Far more dangerous to be a black man in the US than anywhere else in the world.

    • Prince Erick not really. the problem here in the states is with the government and police being violent…to everyone…they blew off a little white baby’s face with a grenade, raped a white woman on a police car, etc,. One of the worst place sto be a black man right now would probably be Israel, where they are regularly spit on, harassed, called Nigger, have objects thrown at them and are even detained and held in prisons, and forced to walk to other locations.

    • Farshad Majidi Majidi, You define a country that is not my country
      Here is very safe
      ******i live in iran*******

    • Hannah Factivist McCoy Mozal Tov on this threads first anti-Israel post no matter what the subject – I didn’t have to scroll down too far. Your anti-Israel rant is impressive. Please next time make sure you mention “Rothschilds” “Illuminati” for extra points

    • Prince Erick I’m sure the black people suffer discrimination in the USA as I have close black relatives and hear their side of the story but don’t forget the Iranian regime has murdered tens of thousands of Iranian human beings as well as thousands of American, British, French and other nationals amongst whom there have been black soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, etc.

    • Roohallah Alizadeh Since when the experience of one person equates to the experience of tens of millions of Iranians who suffer a barbaric dictatorship who thinks of every one as sheep?

    • Rob Wooding so are we going to ignore the fact that the Israeli government is sending Jewish ethiopians out of Israel or what?

    • Prince Erick You can not want to go somewhere without fearing it. I’d love to go to Tehran, it seems fucking awesome, but I will not go until the regime changes because I don’t want to support it in any way, including tourism

    • Hannah McCoy have you ever been to Israel ? probably not. You are doing the same vicked stuff this article is trying to fight .. shame on you ..

    • Samir Issa where did you get this weird information ,on a “free plaestine” facebook page or something ? stop spewing lyes you just heard from some degenerat …

    • Ryan Callahan personally, I have my issues with quite a few governments including our own. I choose to seperate them from the people. Which is why I would visit.

    • Stas Rubinstein You need to shut the fuck up buddy the only reason you stated anything in reply is more then obvious with a name like RUBINSTEIN you fuckin kike go poke your Shylock nose elsewhere…

    • Rob Wooding I don’t have to mention the Rothschilds and Illuminati because those are vague silly things that you don’t have actual hard facts for. I can just mentioned the actual fact based provable things that Israel does.
      You are experiencing a logical fallacy: just because someone simply mentions is real, and you were expecting it… Does not therefore mean the content they said to be disregarded. You managed to respond to my comment… Without responding to my comments… Why don’t you address the actual topic that I covered? Which is the way Israel is treating blacks? Oh, and by the way… I’m Jewish, so Mazel Tov right back atcha.

    • Stas Rubinstein I don’t have to visit Israel to know about what goes on there… I never visited South Africa during apartheid, but I have enough information to know what happened. Rather than use the fallacy of assuming because someone has not visited a place they are speaking of, why don’t you actually address my talking points? My comments about Israel have nothing to do with what does prejudice against Iran thread is about actually. I brought up Israel because someone brought up the treatment of blacks in America… And the treatment of blacks in America is like royalty compared to how black immigrants in Israel are being treated.

    • Wierd how there is always such a massive diferent between the rulers and the people…but we have a good excuse..the elites

    • Bill Petronilla i dont know wether you are a puny troll , or just an ignorant bigot , anyway you desrve to be pimpslapped like there is no tomorrow . your parents did a really bad job at parenting , they just raised another piece of shit, and we already have enough of that in our world .wish you to grow up .

    • Hannah McCoy from the rediculous things you say i can understand everything i need about what you do, or do not know about israel .. i can understand that you are just another victim of anti israely brainwshing. i leave here for a 17 years allready , never saw or heard about the stuff that you so blindly believe. dont believe everything you hear or read , your mom should have told you that ..and please don’t try to prove me something about the place you have never been to, the place i live in for most of my life.you just sound rediculous and shallow when you talk about things you have no idea about , and aspecially when you trying to prove those weird fantasies to someone who knows for a fact that this is bs..

  2. Iran is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, her people are very friendly and hospitable, her history is great and offered the very first declaration of human rights to the world through Cyrus the Great – Cyrus cylinder is kept by the British Museum and has been travelling the world.

    But there’s one thing that presently ruins it all for the people of Iran and the rest of humanity: its pre-mediaeval religious fascist dictatorship which is at war with humanity. It has tortured hundreds of thousands of Iranians sometimes raping them to death for spurious charges including believing in non-official versions of Islam. In proportion to Iran’s population, the Iranian regime executes more than the rest of the world put together for petty crimes whilst the regime’s corrupt leaders are plundering billions worth of US Dollars. And that number does not include the murder of tens of thousands of Iranian democracy activists.

    The regime has also murdered thousands of American, British, French and other nationals in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and other places through terrorist operations including training the terrorists who flew the planes on 9/11 according to the American Congressional report, a report which has been ignored for far too long by successive American administrations.

    Let me summarise in one sentence: If it were right to visit Germany under Hitler which had a much more sophisticated infrastructure, it would be right to visit Iran under the most barbaric regime of mullahs.

    • I’ve been there twice and didn’t run into one mullah I didn’t like. You are trained, you know nothing of the country, you are speacking from some “learned” concept. I do not know what you are afraid of, your own ideas of what life in Iran is like? Where do people get this stuff? I know it’s public “knowledge”…..NOT!

    • Tot Ally Freeman The Iranian regime has nothing in common with the Iranian nation and its culture and the regime leaders and the mullahs working with it (who are also opposed by secular and modern-thinking Muslim clergy) publicly say their mission is for “Islam” and NOT Iran. You may have been in Iran but obvioiusly have not realized yet that the regime is the Enemy No. 1 of humanity and the Iranian nation. As I said before, if it were right to visit Germany under Hitler which had a much more sophisticated infrastructure, it would be right to visit Iran under the most barbaric regime of mullahs.

    • Donya Salary
      U.S. had it’s own mad mullahs -dirty Dick cheating Cheney (war God) + Donald own unknown Rumsfeld. Dressed to impress these chaos used war on foreigners including women n children, for personal business promotion.

    • Donya Salary Oh… You went fast! There are a lot of countries and each country has its own difficulties and problems dear Donya. but, of course, Iran is one of the best place for visiting! Full of culture, beauty, historical places and CHEAP! Generally, it would be better if you speak about the good parts of your country for visitors who will not have any contract with the difficult parts. Keep it for ourselves. You cannot find any foriegn who talks about problemic parts of his/her country! It is a part of out identity. And for peace of your mind, read about other countries and travel a lot (especially to Germany!! :D) to see another side of their life 😉 good luck!

    • Tot Ally Freeman, it’s very clear that you have had a good time in Iran, and I’m very happy about that. Don’t forget that you are not an iranian and it means that the treat you may recieve by the regime is very different than the people who have to suffer day by day those archaic roles. For those who don’t undrestand o don’t want to undrestand the sittuation, remember Hitler with his “SS” guards. Khamemei and in genral the ayatollahs regime using the “RG” (Reolutionay Guards) in The Islamic Republic, decide about the lives of the people with the same power in Iran, that Hitler did in his time in Germany. These people, live, role and decide for ower the law.

    • Tot Ally Freeman The MSM tells the sheep all they need to know. The only real problem in Iran is the psychotic state of Israel and it’s non-stop rattling of their nuclear sabers at all their neighbors, that is the only reason I would not go.

    • Donya Salary, i live in iran and do not agree your idea

    • Nik Khaleghi Thank you for playing my dear Nick. I like your individuality but I can never keep quiet in the face of barbarity; this is what gives rise to the likes of Hitler who caused the deaths of tens of millions of people.

    • Farshad Majidi Majidi Thank you Farshad; we have to wake the world up. No country becomes truly free unless the civilized world realize its right to exist in love and freedom.

    • Clontibret Run I’m sure every country has its reactionary forces and individuals. The point is where as the rest of the civilzed world have modern dictators and dislikable characters, the Iranian nation is suffering from a barbaric regime which is thosands of years behind its culture and aspirations for freedom, human rights and living life fully to each individual’s full potential.

    • Roohallah Alizadeh And you have every right to disagree with me my dear Roohallah but a nation’s future is always based on the ideals and efforts of those who dig deeper for their fellow country men and women, boys and girls.

    • Shibbir Ahmad Thank you for introducing yourself; I’m Ensan Irani or Donya Salary 😀

    • Donya Salary ،I am an Iranian and I live in Iran , I love my country ,I’m one of those people who vote in the elections all the time,you just have the right to speak for yourself, say your opinion and we respect yours,dont talk like you are the president of iran,the mind of all the people of the iran choosed the islamic repoblic of iran and you have to respect that even if you disliked it, if you could do that then you are a free person.however I dont think you can do such good behave in order to hide your true intentions towards the real Islamic People who are the major part of the Iranian population…gorere people truethatt think hgisbe , yhe e rthose p who eopleI’m , I rani cauntrcountriranI am aa

    • Prince Garshasp The barbarian regime occupying Iran has not allowed even one single personality who is against the regime to stand for elections let alone opposition groups, organisations or parties. Hence the regime’s so-called elections is like Hitler allowing Germans to choose between his various supporters. If you call that freedom, it shows you still have not been given the opportunity to understand what freedom means.

    • Tot Ally Freeman Well You have visited there, but we have lived there! So trust us! A smiling mulla is not necessary a good one!

    • Saharnaz Shaheen You are so right Saharnaz dear; only Iranians know the ruling terrorist mullahs best 😀

    • Donya
      I hav seen & been curious about this focus on the Iran regime, usually by US & Israeli politicians. I am even more curious about ur comments re training of those behind 9/11 & the wars in Afghanistan. Firstly, there is growing acceptance that Saudi Arabia funded & it’s associated trained the 9/11 killers (almost all were Saudi citizens). Secondly, Afghanistan is 90% Sunni Muslim while Iran is a Shia. Sunnis tend to see Shia as apostates of Islam. So Iran getting mixed up in afghan politics etc is less likely to happen than support from Sunni nations.
      The US is good to its own citizens but death visited by US forces to other countries, be they South American, or Vietnam or Iraq is dismissed as collateral damage !
      Meanwhile, share price of arms manufactures is propped up !
      Iranian administration is primitive & brutal. But it’s certainly not the only brutal & primitive administration in the world & certainly not the worst!!

    • Clontibret Run Dear Clontibret, Please don’t make statements when you can’t substantiate it… Proportionate to the Iranian population, the regime presently occupying Iran murders more people under the title of executions than the rest of the world put together. Also it has murdered more people throughout the world with its international terrorism than the rest of terrorist failed states or groupuscules in the world put together. No country, government or entity in the world has suffered the barbarian regime more than the Iranian people; thus no one knows the ruling mullahs as well as us and no one is against the regime than us Iranians.

    • Carry Primatian Freedom is surely coming as the sun rises after the dark 🙂

    • I agree with you,the foods are very delicious,Wow! I love it

    • My point was and is that Iran is NOT the evil empire that resides in the minds of the American people as is embedded by the mass media and politians. Sure maybe the Mullahs have too much say and power in the Irainian government but that does not make Iran evil or dark. I was with Irainians enjoying life in Iran. They were not repressed as much as the west wants it’s citizens to believe. Iran, the government or its Mullahs has not started a war for as long as you or I have lived. It may not be perfect, neither is the USA or any other country. However, life can be as enjoyable there as anywhere on the planet. Iranian People on a daily bases are not involded with oppression, they can live quite a nice life if they choose to.

    • Tot Ally Freeman Obviously you don’t know the situation as closely as Iranians. Don’t forget it was the anti-human Khomeini who instigated the war against Iran’s neighbour Iraq by calling on Iraq’s people and army to revolt against the Iraqi government of the time and also through terrorist operations in Iraq; this led to the Iraqi invasion of Iran but even after liberation of Khorramshahr and Iranian occupied territories, Khomeini rejected world’s calls for peace and invaded Iraq hoping to install a puppet government there. The barbarian regime presently occupying Iran is a fascist religious tyranny and much much worse than what the media in the West want their people to know! Iranian regime belongs to the dark ages and commits crimes like stoning people to death, cutting off limbs and gouging out eyes and hanging people in public to terrorize the population. It has murdered tens of thousands of Iranians as well as thousands of American, Argentinian, Afghan, British, French, Iraqi, Lebanese and other nationalities through inhuman terrorist operations; ISIS and all other terrorists of the world have not murdered as many people. The regime is also responsible for the deaths of 200,000 Syrians through its terrorism and support for the Syrian murdered Assad. The fact that Iranian people resist the regime is a clear indication that Iranian nation has never surrendered to the regime and will soon overthrow it.

    • Clontibret Run No my friend; it seems you don’t understand English very well! My comparison means that ISIS is just a tiny copy of the barbarian regime 😀

    • Tot Ally Freeman No war happens out of the blue. Khomeini incited violence and revolt against the Iraqi governemnt of the time. Every one knows that. Khomeini’s so-called Foreign Minister within 12 days of Khomeini coming to power said “liberation of Iraq is the next step.” Ask a friend of yours who knows Persian to translate this vido clip of Khomeini inciting violence against Iraqi government of the time 6 months before Iraq invaded Iran. This is only one of many documents showing Khomeini’s war mongering and terrorism against Iran’s neighbours.

    • Roohallah Alizadeh seen any practicing Bahais lately? How are they doing? Any women walking around without the Chador? How did the Green Revolution go, any heads bashed in by the basijis? Say something critical of a Mullah in public and what happens? What happens if a Muslim converts to Christiniaty in Iran? What happens if a Muslim decides to become Jewish? What happens if someones says he or she is gay? What a wonderful country.

    • Wow are you running a propaganda campaign against Iran? A country which is ran by fanatical psychopaths, who execute and torture people and prisoners of war and conduct terror operations, sometimes against their own people, sounds like America to me. So 9/11 now has something to do with Iran? You are so full of shit, I feel sorry for you.

    • David Simantob, didn’t ya hear the one about “people in glass houses, shouldn’t throw rocks”? What happens in Israel when a Jew wants to convert to Muslim or Christianity? Same thing.. Women do not have to wear a Chador in Iran by the by…. The most ugly and killing government on the planet is by far Israel. Enough said…

    • The rubbish you claim is straight out of Tel Aviv, Iran did not train the 9/11 hijackers, why would Iranians have anything to do with Saudis in plotting against the US? How ridiculous. You want to know how else i know youre a Tel Aviv shit artist? Your numerous references to Hitler, you kikes are all the same, Hitler this Hitler that, Nazis Nazis Nazis………yawn, telling lies, spinning nonsense and causing trouble all over the world, is it any wonder you lot were kicked out of 109 countries throughout your history, it will happen again soon. Hitler was right about you lot too! lol

    • Ally freeman
      In fairness Israel should not be exempt from criticism, but as regards human rights and built in safeguards to protect the individual, there is no comparison between the Iranian regime & it’s abuse of human rights & the Israeli regime.

    • Barry Rooney
      U wer ok until the last line. Then the hateful thug surfaced.

    • Agree with most of it. But you forget that Western rich rulers doesn’t give a shit about the people either and are causing terrorism and murder and fascism around the world for money profit and power.
      The CIA removed Mossadegh and took in Muhammad Reza Sha and they saw it coming with the people in Iran that had enough of the situation that created more poor people and so on.

      Also the part with 9/11 is completely bullshit. You would know if you opened need your eyes and stopped thinking that the “leaders” are you parents and start questioning the whole system, maybe watch a documentary where the show highly educated people proofing that the official story of 9/11 is simply a lie where more than 2500 architects knows that it’s impossible to knock down two towers without having professional detonation bombs in many places in the buildings, plus the building 7 that just felt down without any plane hitting it at all was also out down by professional detonating… So your anger against the regime makes you put all on them. I understand. But they aren’t able to do all this. You know yourself that the Western powers has a lot more and more to make it short…

      Fuck all the rich fascist rulers. Down with their hierarchy slave system! Humanity and life first! Freedom and direct democracy for all! Power to the people!

    • Clontibret, israeli is the epic of human rights abuse! My god son can’t you see that?

    • Donya Salary You know nothing about Hitler. Its people like you who make lies to truth. Under Hitler, Germany was one of the happiest states ever. You wanna tell me someone promotes animal rights, giving everyone jobs, building up houses for his people, he even eradicated the sodom and gomorrah named Berlin from the 20s-30s and made it a place where families can raise kids again, and you wanna make me believe that he is the bad guy ? Sure a make believe story of yours and the ones who are in power to rule the world.

    • Donya Salary This issimply not true there are may of Iranians that think and act like regyme.the regyme isuild up from peop afte al unlessyu claimthat aliens brought them to Iran!

    • Tot ally freeman.
      250,000 murdered by Syriian regime! The new charming Islamic caliphate ISIS beheads, tortures, rapes & slaughters on an industrial scale, especially those who dare to question & of course those who are “infidels” ie Christians & other non Muslims. And u tell me Israel is bad !!

    • Clontibret, Israel is an Apartheid state. What the US and its Allies has done in Iraq, Syria, Lybia has created the mess and ISIS. 250,000 murdered by Syria, when? Certianly not under Bashar Assad. Maybe you are refering to his father? Perhaps you could agree with me that changing regimes is bad foriegn policy? The west and Israel made a mess of things. We are all worst off because of it. The current refuges are an effect of this total screwed up policy. Let everyone live as they are. We are not helping them. The subject of Iran that this post started, my reponse was they do not have it soooo bad. Life there is still enjoyable and our comdemnation of their culture and government does not help them nor us. We need to except others even if they seem to violate some concept we have for freedom. Truth is none of us live in a truely free Society. As long as governments govern….

    • No. Israel is NOT an apartheid state – that’s nonsense. However if U look close enough you will undoubtedly find elements of discrimination. What Middle East country is any different ?
      Blame the endemic greed of the American corporate arms manufacturers who need war to profit & keep up share price. Allied with republican insiders like Dick Chaney & Donald Rumsfeld & Tony Blair in UK, evil in the biblical sense, dominated. Meanwhile the notion of the western infidel, the unbeliever & the violent jihadi rhetoric of the Koran was enuff to unleash an opposite hell.
      Corporate greed & religious fundamentalism – twin killing machines!

    • Ummm wow. What a steamy pile of sh*t that diatribe was. LOL

      Who actually trusts any reports coming from the corrupt and rotten ZIONIST regime in DC? LOL The fact that you have 9/11 COMPLETELY backwards kind of dismisses everything else you’ve said.

      “Hitler who caused the deaths of tens of millions of people” Really? Wow, so then how many people did Jew-controlled Stalin kill if Hitler killed tens of millions? A billion? A trillion? A gazillion?

      You apparently aren’t aware that the RED CROSS OFFICIAL NUMBERS reveal the number of people killed at Nazi labor camps to be under 300,000. Versus “tens of millions of people.”

    • Just a question: Why would Iran train Saudi pilots? Iran and Saudi Arabia hate each other. One reason is because Saudi Arabia is scared of Iran’s nuclear programme, but the main reason is that the Mullah regime in Iran promotes SHIITE ISLAM as the true religion, whereas Al Quaeda, the Taliban and Saudi all promote SUNNI ISLAM which is a rival faction. It therefore defies logic that Iran would have helped train the 9/11 pilots. Also, no, visiting Iran now would not be the same as visiting Nazi Germany. Visiting Nazi Germany would be more like visiting North Korea – in the early stages, you would see a population that was intensely fanatic and devoted to the extreme, with posters of Hitler and propoganda everywhere and regular military parades which thousands of people attended every week. In the later stages, you would see bombed out major cities with wounded soldiers and civilians going without while you the rich holidaymaker got to indulge yourself in comfort. Iran isn’t at war and their entire populace is not fanatically devoted to their dear leader.

    • Donya Salary More or less the same $—-t everywhere. I like some -actually much- of the USA music: Everly Brothers, Doors, Kansas, Journey, country music, But the military-capitalist regime eho step over USA citizen’s neck is nasty as any other dictatorship in the world. Years ago author Phillip K. Dick mocked the “geriatric dictatorship” in China, but the United States have reached them easily in senile dodding.

    • The US is the worst thing for our planet, bolstered by The Zionist Israeli regime. They seem to control the whole shabang…. Go figure…

    • I know exactly what you mean …. and “The fact that Iranian people resist the regime is a clear indication that Iranian nation has never surrendered to the regime and will soon overthrow it.” 
      I hope it happens sooner than later

  3. That was very funny! I to told my mother, I will be going to the bazzar on a camel or donkey. So I found one and took a picture in front of it. I sent it to my mother. She actually called the embassy and tried to track me down. of course when she couldnt. she was not to happy. American mothers gotta love them, they only travel to maybe one city or state in the US, some not even that. They have no Idea how much beauty and charm there is in this world. And lots of amazing people. A warm hello to all my freinds and family members. Love you all. Debbie

  4. what a dreadful dreary and amazingly beautiful place

  5. This place is already for a long time on my hitch hiking todo list, and this just makes me want to do it even sooner 🙂

    • We will be happy to see you here Mark,you will have a good time and you will find good friends that I am sure you will be in contact with even you return home.

    • We are ready to welcome you
      i live in iran-shiraz
      look to shiraz,inevitablly

    • My dear Mark VAn Voorden! Would you have visited Germany under Hitler?

    • Mona Mosayebi You will definitely see me sooner than you think as the great majorty of Iranian nation are vehemently against this barbaic regime and that’s why the regime is so frightened to allow free elections for people to choose whoever they want to be their leaders and government.

    • Donya Salary Of course I would have, I am there for the country (land/nature) and it’s people. Governments are a shared illusion of those who choose to justify their existence. Of course it’s a force to be reckoned with and I would make sure I would give them no reason to harm me, but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t visit the country.

    • Roohallah Alizadeh I would love to visit Iran sometime. I have Iranian friends here in Canada and they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. One day I will make it…

  6. lol. this is fake.

    whoever wrote this rubbish is Iran hater.

    • Please respect
      which is fake?
      milad tower
      chehel sotun
      takht jamshid
      all is true

    • آقای سرخوش از اینکه راجع به کشورت دروغ میگی خوشحالی؟
      لطفا با احترام

  7. Yeah, it’s a beautiful country rich with history, culture and lovely people (as long as you’re not openly gay, critical of the government or a woman who doesn’t mind taking shit from men).

    • Rob Wooding You are wrong, my family has Jews in it and my father is Assyrain and they are not treated poorly there, anymore than some groups in America.

    • John Betgeorge i agree with u man ,,, greeting from egypt

    • I didnt know being able to be openly gayt is what makes a country a good one. As to women, kill the nonsnese. Lets look at DV around the world or the shit music that is abvusive to women on a whole that creates a society of men with hate towards women.

    • Rob Wooding I’ve never seen a jew having problems in Iran.. I had jew classmates we studied peacefully together.. even Bahai.. Christian people also (Armenians) have lots of freedom to themselves.. Though it’s still pretty discreminating that the national laws are all islamic and the muslim majority don’t leave much space out for other beliefs; I still think it’s not as bad as people think it is.. However no matter muslim or jew or whatever, if you preach against islam you’re in trouble.. that’s all.. The government basically treat people more or less the same!

    • During my visit, I encountered lots of openly gay men, and they felt comfortable to hold hands in public, as well as Armenian Christians and Jews. The general sense I got was that there was no problem. I was treated like a celebrity being American, to the point at which I avoided telling people where I was from because I was uncomfortable with all the attention, hospitality and gifts after the first few days. I also found that women there are treated very well, their families definitely think they are worth educating and they beat the crap out of the US in terms of having women in the math and science build their families definitely think they are worth educating and they beat the crap out of the US in terms of having women in the math and science fields.

    • Israelite. Anywhere in the world women take shit from menm anywhere in the world when u r critical f the government it causes danger for yourself, anywhere in the world gays are mocked and persecuted. Even in a UK public school. dont be ignorant israelite.

    • Sal Warda Londonite. Actually, in my country, women serve in the army and can sue men who try to give them shit. People regularly protest the government without being arrested and gays live their lives openly and legally, which I think is the same in your city too, which you would know if you ever spent time out of the madrassa.

    • John Betgeorge Yeah Rob, the daily statements from Iran’s political and religious leaders that the country of Israel should be exterminated and that the USA is the Great Satan is all just a friendly joke. This man’s family has a couple of actual “Jews” in it and they haven’t been murdered or forced to face an Iranian kangaroo court yet. How silly of you to suggest it’s a country of intolerance. After all just look at photo #6 of that hot (UN)oppressed Iranian chick with the round booty and form-fitting red dress. #Kappa

    • Lorne Newman But at the same time in your “country” (Tel Aviv) a woman can insult you from head to toes “for not being tall” or not having a car, and nobody will bathe an eyelash. Tel Aviv is not so great. Nice beach, discouraging night-life, atrocious dating scene.

    • Pablo Martin Podhorzer What’s the matter? You didn’t score when you visited? You judge a culture by how easily the women put out? Are they just really slutty in Buenos Aires? LOL

    • John Betgeorge yeah, agree from México. Here any foreigner is well (or bad) treated the same as other. But just go to the States and see how they trat negroes, latinos, Portoricans, and even the same “whitey poor ‘americans’ “. ¿Remember how they reacted to the people after hurricane Katrina?

    • Wow dude you know so much about Iran! You know everything about being gay, being a dissident and being a woman. Impressed. Mubarak!

    • Hey Donya, for sure the regime in Iran is not perfect, and we still have problems. This is a big topic to talk about. You seem don’t know much enough of world and many other countries, and societies. As the one up here mentioned earlier, you talk like you have learned something before, and just like a person who has been trained to talk this way. Honestly, does any one pay you to talk rubbish? You look like mental … sorry!

    • Arya Ebadi Arya Ebadi I don’t reply to stupid people who can’t talk in a civilized manner but on this occasion I make an exception! Let me suffice to repeat the old Persian saying “kafar hame ra be kishe khod pendarad” which basically means you must be mental to think I’m mental; Or most probably you are one of the barbarian terrorist regime’s paid mercenaries.

    • Donya Salary,
      Please respect
      Please respect

    • Roohallah Alizadeh Thank you for standing up for Arya Ebadi. I only wish you stood up for those who suffer and struggle to make Iran free so that everyone is as equal as the top person in the country and not like a sheep like what Valiye Faghih – the top dog in the present anti-Iran and anti-humanity terrorist regime – wants us to be!!

    • many things u mentioned about iran are actually true but what you failed to understand from what everyone has been telling you here is in a place like this you are meant to mention good things as well as bad things when required, yet u go ahead and mention all the ugliness thats been going on and u put off many people from vositing a beautiful country like iran. as a lot of people mentioned, every country has certain put offs and rules and regulations and every nationality is made of both good and bad people and governments but that shouldnt be the concern of some poor tourist trying to go there for a short trip! i know you are trying to raise awareness about the issues the iranian nation are facing but u just have to find the right time and place for that.

  8. I wonder what would happen if they did their happy dance on the main roads…

  9. It was not untill the 5th pic that i realized that this is a sarcastic post.

  10. Arts and literature are very important in Iran’s culture, you can see it in it’s carpets, Persian calligraphy, iranian tiles and Persian traditional music. And if you could read a persian poem, you would admit that’s beyond wonderful. Understand these then think about people who can do that. Don’t misjudge a nation from the information given to you, dig information yourself.

  11. These are 19 reasons to free Iranians from the oppression they live under. Keep in mind you could have taken these photos during NAZI Germany too.what this shows is what tremendous potential Iran has, if it wasn’t for the shittiest governmentin the world.

    • Shall we compare countries to Nazi Germany, with its disproportionate reprisals, wars of aggression, and belief in its superiority and invincibility?

  12. Hopefully, the United States can get a president in office who will only use its military in self-defense, so that the deaths of millions of innocent Iranians won’t have been paid for by my taxes, as those of Iraq were, and American cities looking like Berlin did in 1945 can be delayed a little further.

  13. you know what… i aint even mad, i mean this is totally a joke but im sure that this person clearly comes from a very pretty place called doucheland, where douches have sex and make bigger douches such as this individual right here. so i think that u better take care of ur shit, cause iran is one of the most beautiful places ever, i lived there for 5 years and trust me, i saw it change, so get ur facts right and get ur fucking mind roght trying to post some bullshit up in this biatch 😀

  14. U can’t judge the country like that.
    Every country has it’s own rules & systemes.
    And after all it’s a Muslim country.

    Every mother land is like a heaven to her children.

  15. What the f… R U talking about?? I know and it’s clearly obvious that you stupids are being supported to demolish the vision of Iran in the world. If you have any problem with our governement,please DO NOT connect it with the beauties and interesting things our counrty has. There may people dissatisfied with their government here,but all of us are ready to protect our nation against you and any other who wanna say something bad about Iran without knowing anything. We are one nation.I myself know many tourists who had came from USA,BRITAIN,FRANCE,GERMANY,INDIA,BELGIUM,… that were completely surprised and satisfied with iranian people and their hospitality and services.Hey,I am talking to you dear author,author of this junk artickle,what do you know about history ??Do you know anything about the ancient things we had?? I donnu where the fuck you are from but I can guess that .Let me tell you sth, you’d better go and study sth about history to see which country or region had the biggest monarchy at that time(2500 years ago) on the world?? Which nation had one of the best civilization of the history?? On the other hand, You’ve got problem even with animals and wildlife?? And are you aware that many animlas which many people havr the dream to see are in our country?? What about the architecture we had in old times?You are now pride becuase of the electricity and skyskrapers you have,but what about 400yrs ago??At that time we had the most beautiful architecture in the world and still when the tourists come here, they are all shocked and surprised. About Dizin resort, you must come and visit here to see if our counrty is all just a desert or not.Instead of spreading rumors,go and ask the tourists who visited here. Just let me tell you the last thing:with these lies,foreigners still continue to come here. It is clear that you are talking out of malice,and you have problems with our government that you are trying to destroy the vision of Iran in the world. If it gets necessary,we will support our government against you .If you have any problem,it has nothing to do with the beauties, hospitality ,nature and history of it. Try some other ways to express your hatred,not with this kind of thing.

  16. I am Canadian by birth, son of Portuguese. Iran, along with other Middle Eastern countries have fascinated me. I also want to visit Israel.
    I have dual citizenship. Most likely I will use my Portuguese passport to travel around in the Middle East and my Canadian passport for Israel.

    • We are ready to welcome you
      look to iran-shiraz,inevitablly

  17. We definitely look forward to visit Iran next year. We hear from other travelers it is a beautiful country with lovely people. However, be honest, I do have to cover up to be allowed to walk on the streets. I will gladly do that, but your reasons #6 and 7 are a bit misleading (not behond closed doors, that is) for visitors.

  18. If I, a journalist since last 35 years, ever saw most lies, ignorance, prejudice in one page about any country on earth, it is this aforegoing page against Iran: It’s full of lies, lies and nothing but lies. These ignorants must read thousands of years of rich ancient history and rich civilization.
    Persia, old name of Iran, was world famous for its universities and advanced knowledge before Europe rose from its slumber of ignorance and emerged with rennaissance and scientific awakening!
    Persia was world famous for its hospitality. Iranian hosts may starve but arrange best food for their guests.
    I was in Iran for nearly two decades and found Iranians to be most humble people on earth. I never saw a terrorist in Iran and am puzzled to this day at most unbelievable lies by world media relating peaceful and ideological nation of Iran to terrorism!
    This lying world and its billions of media-misled highly educated people believe and propagate lies which undoubtedly certify their double standards.
    An oppressed Iran and Iranians are being unnecessarily punished with afore mentioned lies just because of their brave Iranian Hussaini stand against biggest superpowers and mighty powers throughout the world. Persia was a superpower before America was born: Childish American Tantrums!

  19. The photo does not match with explanation. All the photos (even you may be biased taking photos in your favour) are very impresseive, but your explanations say they are not. It is you who are not able to see the beauty coz your mind wants something else may by wanton-type somehting.

  20. i am living in Shiraz city (in Iran) we are happy here i don’t say we don’t have problem but not as some people said here, all the countries and governments have problem you can NOT find any country without problem! So , you can Experience it , i’m living in Shiraz and if you want to visit Iran and my city i can guide you and maybe your host , i visited a lot of european tourists who were suprised , all of them told me they will Not follow the news of Iran from the Medias because all of that news was wrong , and they found Iran a Safe , Modern, Interesting and nice country to visit.

  21. I’m pretty sure the participants in #19 got sentenced to 91 lashes and jail. The argument isn’t that Iran has nothing to offer, it’s just that it’s not worth a damn without freedom.

    • yes i now ; Happy video dancers sentenced to 91 lashes and jail

  22. What was written by the writer is a bunch of B.S.

  23. This looks like propaganda. Most of the people live in fear of expressing themselves completely freely there.

  24. Iran is beautiful and Iranians are very friendly. I wish I could say the same thing about the government.
    Lets remember what happened to those six sang “happy”. Six Iranians arrested for appearing in a video dancing to Pharrell Williams’ song Happy have been sentenced to up to one year in prison and 91 lashes, their lawyer says.The sentences were suspended for three years, meaning they will not go to prison unless they reoffend, he adds. Members of the group behind the video were subsequently arrested by Iranian police for violating Islamic laws of the country, which prohibit dancing with members of the opposite sex and women from appearing without a headscarf.
    They later appeared on state-run TV saying they were actors who had been tricked into make the Happy video for an audition.
    The arrests drew condemnation from international rights groups and sparked a social media campaign calling for their release.
    I would love to go to Iran after this oppressive regime is dismantled by Iranian people.

  25. Human rights come first, no matter how many interesting places there are.

    • so … are they true about those straggling countries that are around Iran ????

    • How are you Atra? 🙂 i really like Iranian people a lot. They are nice,educateaand culturedl.I would l

    • 🙂 i really like Iranian people a lot. They are nice,educateaan

    • How are you Atra?:) I really like Iranian people.They are nice,educatedand cultured. I would love to learn Persian even though I understand a lot of vocabulary. I am a big fan of Persian pop music and Ashkan,Sepideh and Morteza Lotfi are my favourite artists. Oh and I can eat ghormeh sabzi all day:)

    • Yadvindra SinghI’m fine but just because I read those energizing sentences you wrote to me …
      I wish to see you in Iran and proudly teach you Persian and you know , my mother’s ghormeh sabzi is really Delicious and i’m sure she will be proud to cook it for such nice and great people like you <3

    • The “Happy we are from Tehran” video was brought to the attention of the Iranian authorities in May, after receiving more than 150,000 views.
      Members of the group behind the video were subsequently arrested by Iranian police for violating Islamic laws of the country, which prohibit dancing with members of the opposite sex and women from appearing without a headscarf.

  26. I think this article is written by a naive and unexperienced person who judges things only by their appearance. First of all, everyone with a very basic education knows Iran is an ancient country with tremendous amount of old architecture, each with its own unique beauty. Therefore, anyone who believes opposite to what’s shown in pictures number 2,4,5,9,10,12,13, this is simply due to his/her lack of education and not because of what’s said in the media because there are countless documentaries about Persia’s/Iran’s history in various channels (History Channel, PBS, etc.) and basically in any educational resource. The focus of the media has been on the politics and the government of Iran (the Islamic regime), not its history and culture that go back thousands of years. Unfortunately, the author of the article has mixed two unrelated topics, hence making the article totally pointless and without any informative value.

    One cannot judge about the social freedom of an entire nation by looking at a few over-privileged who comprise the very minority. The concept of middle class is fading in Iran and there are either those who are rich or poor. There are serious issues with pictures number 6, 7, 18, and especially 19:

    Picture #6: This woman can only dress like this in her home or basically in a non-public place. She cannot walk in street like that or God knows what the consequences of doing so will be. Like in any country, only the rich can afford to have such a luxurious home so it can’t be used as a representative of an average citizen. So, YES, women ARE oppressed in Islamic Republic of Iran. They are not forced to wear burqa but they definitely need to be mostly covered. Also, stoning women to death still happens to this very date! What would you call these, if not oppression and being downtrodden?! There are countless more limitation imposed on women in Iran which you can look them up on your own.

    Picture #7: Again, rich kids, many of whom have parents with governmental positions who can simply bribe the police in case their kids exceed religious limits and get arrested for doing so. Mix-gender pools are not allowed in public places in Iran so even if you’re into pool partying you can’t do it unless you (or your friend) have a house with a pool. You don’t need to be rich to go to beach or pool with your family, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. in the US!

    Picture #18: Very similar to number 7, except that you’re covered anyways due to the cold environment so police (aka Komiteh, Basij, etc.) can’t arrest you for being “immodest” in public.

    Picture # 19: Really mind blowing! Does the author have ANY idea as to what happened to the people who made and participated in the video? The charges brought against them? I think the author thinks there are even music festivals like Tomorrowland in Iran!

    Now for those who say they have visited Iran and did not run into mullahs; or those who try to compare the US (or the west in general) to countries like Iran. Why don’t you move there?! I’m sure after a few weeks, if not days, you’ll start noticing the limits you’ll have in your daily social life, not to mention that the economy and the job market have been ruined because of the dictator and oppressive regime that has been ruling this wonderful land for over 36 years. Of course, every country has problems but the difference is day and night. You think if the Iranian government wanted to accuse you of something and arrest you, it couldn’t?! Haven’t you heard of the countless number of foreigners who have been held in jail for years in Iran who simply went there to visit, some of whom with an Iranian background?! There’s ABSOLUTELY NO human rights in Iran, check reports from Amnesty Internation and UN (to name a few) and judge for yourself.

    Iran is a rich and beautiful country but unfortunately it has been hijacked by Islamic fanatics for over 36 years who have taken it backwards in time. If you visited Iran during Shah’s time you’d think you’re in Europe or the US but now religious rules dictate your life. I hope one day Iranian people rise up and take their country back from these blood-sucking monsters who slaughter their own people on a daily basis.

  27. It’s a big lie,every year you can come and do ski here.

    • Dude… It’s supposed to be sarcastic/satirical. How can you miss it?! It blows my mind how many people don’t get it… Mostly Iranian commenters. Maybe it’s a language barrier?

  28. It’s not like America doesn’t have its own share of bigots, ignorance, and intolerant politicians…

  29. Hey Donya, have you heard of this Phrase in Persian, our language, saying that ” javabe ablahan khamooshist” but anyway, just lets to say one thing and no more, and its that : now I have no doubt that you are sick, as you’re demonstrating a horrible behaviour and taking the things wrongly, you may have schizophrenia! sorry I am too frank now but you are out of line. take care

  30. All BS … I am absolutely confident there is no such fake country existing in the world. Don’t believe my words … give a visit personally to this amazing fake country. I’m pretty confident you will turn out with a bit different experiences. Also worth to mention: Assuming Iran is as perfect as what you have shown here, what the heck all these Iranian immigrants and refugees are doing all around the world?!?! Probably they must be insane angels to leave heaven to other countries. It sounds more like a joke to me !?@

  31. That is why Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post correspondent in Tehran, was detained by the Iranian government, along with his wife and two others on July 22.
    The 38-year old Californian, now held in the notorious Evin Prison in Tehran, has been in an Iranian jail longer than any other Western journalist. His Iranian wife and journalist, Yeganeh Salehi, and the others detained with him have been
    Yes you can give 20 million reason but still does not hide the fact that if you speak your mind you will be killed.

  32. People in the Happy video were sentenced to 91 lashes and jail…

  33. I visit iran in 1999.The more incredible thinks, always hapend in Iran.

  34. The people in the “happy” video were imprisoned and forced to apologize on persian tv for making the video. Yes, Iran is a beautiful place to visit, but only when run justly by its government. The current government, unfortunately, is not practicing justice.

    • Just one minute into the video and it’s so wonderful to see that coming out of Iran but can definitely see why the government wouldn’t like it. It shows men and women together unsupervised, dancing and touching each other, women without manteau or headscarf… yeah that probably wouldn’t have gone down well very sad to say.

  35. I love that last bit even though I hate the song almost as much as the religious leaders. They flog people for dancing to it… Any American caught in Iran becomes a spy who is put on trial for espionage so bad idea for my people to go there. I just wish the people of my country could talk to the people of Iran and ex out the whole super religious part. It’s a nice dream….

  36. Typical Americans. It’s a blog about a foreign country but they are arguing or talking about their own culture (which actually excists only seconds compared to the Iranian culture)..

  37. Those people who have not limited themselves to the bountries of their homeland and travelled beyond know what Iran has, as to the ignorants, oh well …..Therefore,there ‘s no need to be that defensive !

  38. it looks very beautiful Country the images are great

  39. Yes, most Iranians are very nice and the country is beautiful. It is also wonderful place to practice your religion as a bahai (oops, they are considered heretics, and we kill heretics over here in Iran), Gay (can you say hang from a crane), try to be a jew with equal rights to a muslim (oops, a Jew is a najes and his word is worth 1/2 of a muslim), a woman who doesn’t wear a chador outside the house (can you say jail), an artist who makes fun of the government (oops, can you say Evin Prison), an atheist (oops, see Bahais above), a democracy activists (Mullahs believe in one man, one vote: The Supreme Leader votes, the rest obey). Other than that, wonderful country. Oh yeah, the Mullahs also want to wipe out Israel (the little Satan), the US (the great Satan), bring back the Mahdi (what is a little nuke bomb if it expedites his return). Yeah, other than that, wonderufl country.

  40. Too bad the people in the happy video got arrested and have each been given suspended sentences of prison time and 91 lashes (yes,with a whip).

  41. This is Totaly sarcastic lol, Iran is known as the bride of Middle East , politically speaking not so good.

  42. „Come to Iran ! Its a majestic country with alot of history. But please note that if you are gay or don`t agree with the political system we`ll chop your head off. ;)” shitty article btw.

  43. I really have to visit this beautiful country , know its rich civilisation and its wonderful people.

  44. You convinced me, I’ll go have a look. I do hope pics 6 & 7 are not representative of the Islamic Republic. If it was, there would be less incentive to bother leave the West. Travels, and such a travel especially, should be a change of scenery in every meaning. I long to meet a refined people, we have enough shallow people around.

  45. Wow.. Whoever compile this page basically a hater of Iran.. I’m not Iranian, and I dont defend them, but everthing enumerated in this page is plain bullshit… Learn their history before u make ur shallow ideas about them.. Sorry not buyin’ it… Just saying!!!

  46. There is noyhing wrong with Iran, I hope to visit some da. However, as long as the Mullhas persecute the minorities Christians and Baha’i’s I will stay away. They might not let me out because I am Baha’i’.

  47. ali bood omidvaram yk rooz mardom beresan be azadishan moafagh bashid.

  48. Planning to go there next summer! I can’t wait. It looks amazing.

  49. Great video! We are all human, time for the politians on both sides to realise this! Peace!

  50. I’ve spent a good deal of time in Armenia, just north of Iran, and the countryside there is stunningly beautiful.

  51. Thanks for sharing this biutiful face of Iran , we love our country , all of my tourist friends they were traveled to my country said so many things about beautifully and nice people who hosted them , come Iran and enjoy of your travel , I promiss every bad things will remove from your mind 😉

  52. Shame the guys who made the video in nr. 19 were sentenced to atleast 6 months in jail. But hey, they should have known that it’s not acceptable behavior to dance fully clothed and pronounce that they are happy. What a great progressive country!
    Edit: Apparently they were also sentenced to lashing (91 each).

  53. It is REALLY unfortunate that people take a few beautiful pictures as a good impression of what an ENTIRE country looks like. A sexy girl in a private upper class party shows what women look like and how they are treated daily on the streets?! Seriously?! Sorry to burst your bubble but it doesn’t get any more superficial than this.

  54. There are so many places you’ve missed like some overrated pure nature and waterfalls in lorestan
    Or totally normal and depressing gahar lake 😛
    Or some boring history deep in the ground in hamedan or …
    and just a picture of our kabab?? c’mon … how about some “fesenjan” or “ghormesabzi”?
    I could give you thousand more reason why you should never visit us but i think you’ve been convinced by now 😀

  55. This is “sheikh lotf ollah” mosque, “Seyyed Mosque” is another.

  56. The karoon river was one of the rivers that fed water to the garden of Eden. God created it first and he siad it is good.

  57. I went there after 37 years for two months loved every day of it. Didn’t want to come back.

  58. Donya Salary, you are full of shit! Tot views are very much in line with what is happening in Iran. There are a lot and I emphasize a lot more repressive regimes than Iran. Like KSA. I was in Iran in April and people have more fun than people in the western countries. As one of the people who posted here said, you are entitle to your opinion but those are only your opinion and you are WRONG, And they are not matched with the reality on the ground. I am pretty sure you do not even live there. That is why I said you are full of shit!

  59. This article claims women in Iran are not oppressed and downtrodden? Are you fucking kidding me?
    What is with this increase in lies people are spreading about Islam and the Muslim communities? Now we’re claiming Iran is some Disneyland of freedom? Holy shit.
    I never see Islamic apologists clamoring to move to Muslim countries. Hmm, why is that?

  60. Iran looks amazing, but interesting that they’ve used that video at the end – those kids got sentenced 91 lashings and jail for that video…

  61. Il mio grande sogno,visitare questa bellissima terra,ricca di storia e conoscere un po la Sua gente !

  62. I travelled all over the word and I think the Persians are the most kind and hospitable people of all.

  63. I’m surprised no one had realized the author of this article is actually being super sarcastic.

  64. I am sure there is a country to suit every person that has commented on here……just move there and be happy. We don’t need you in the US….we are doing just fine. Stay in your country of choice and leave the US alone……if you don’t like it here …..get the hell out. There is a place in the world to match each and everyone of your choices….go there. The US will survive without you.

  65. It was reported here in the US, that the people in this video, got in trouble with the Iranian morals police. I don’t know what the outcome was for them. If this is true, it’s ironic that this same video was used to promote Iran.

  66. before i trust on such articles but after reading this about iran i confirm these articles are paid and politicaly motivated …iran is one of the most beautiful country on this earth with very rich food culture which you cannot find on this earth..so hospitable and loving beautifull peoples around …this article is completely cheat and disgusting.

  67. I expect Iran to be the best place to be as far as tourism goes. My favorite so far has been Turkey and I’d imagine Iran has a much more preserved (and less trashily “globalized”) society and history. Unfortunately American and Israeli passport holders won’t be able to enjoy this experience.




  69. As far as I can remember the kids from the last video were sentenced to prison because they violated Iranian laws.

  70. It may look like that now, but just wait until America spreads some freedom their way.

  71. I don’t know what kind of idiot put this list together but anyone with half a brain would know that it’s not true. Iran is an amazing country with lots of places to see and the people are extremely hospitable and warm!

  72. So, the point of this was…what? There is nothing wrong with the Iranian people, it is their government that is full of azsholes.

  73. You forgot to mention that Iranian people are very Polite, generous and friendly and oh , they make the best Carpets in the world

  74. Thank you so much for putting these beautiful pictures from my country, cause by doing this you just made people to be more interested in VISITING Iran, but the only thing that made me feel sorry for you is how you explained them, It’s obvious that you don’t know a thing about “History” or “Art”, therefore I suggest you next time that you wanted to post and share your thoughts, first spend some time to study, so your information is valueable, correct and doesn’t waste others time. Also in this way people won’t laugh and make fun out of it!! and you will probably see better comments! 😉

  75. Iv heard that Christians are treated ok in Iran. Not like Syria, Libya and Iraq since they have been destabilized .

  76. Good grief people lighten up! The author is showing these absolutely beautiful places saying why would anyone want to see this? She’s obviously debunking what is said about Iran. It’s called sarcasm. After reading an article about the prisoner swap I wondered why would anyone want to travel to Iran and risk being falsely accused and imprisoned with no hope of release. My Google search brought me here. I would love to see these beautiful sites.

  77. been there and seen it last year, absolutely a wonderful country. misssing it very mich but hoping to visit again this year.

  78. Take off your dark glasses to see beauty. Use your imagination to widen your understanding of the world. Obviously, the article is reflective of a less than minimal knowledge of what Iran has to offer to the civilizations from the past and in the future.
    Long live Iran and Iranians. Proud to be civilized in truth…

  79. Great, you can get raped and be-headed while looking at the “magical” countryside! It’s also very telling that you chose the Andy Warhol display of freaking Chairman Mao! That’s what high art Iran has? Different colored pictures of commie dictators? Stands to reason though, they’re both oppressive governments! Why wouldn’t Iran emmulate China?

  80. It must have changed a lot in the last 15 years. My friend, the daughter of a doctor went to Iran to deal with her grandmother’s home. She was had to have men with her at almost every turn during the process and was even detained and required a communication from a male relative to get her passport back.

  81. believe still she is beautiful more than many other hatemongering zombies!

  82. The only woman field medallist is Iranian – Maryam Mirzakhani.
    Note: Field Medal- Highest award in Mathematics. Tougher than Nobel Prize as you have to be less than 40 to receive it.

  83. No 6 & 7 is an absoulute nonesense. Yes you can only do that quietly in your own private.

  84. You all dont anything about that beautiful country.Mind your own business wherever you live in your old stupid country

  85. Most of the reasons not to visit Iran is simply not true and some of them are totally ridiculous like : “People in Iran ride on camels” and “There is no ancient history to this place” . Iran’s attractions are spectacular and some of them are listed as world heritage.

  86. Thanks Brendan.And it is cheap and safe to visit!

  87. Huh? There are a lot of cars in iran why you talk soo many bulshit i’m not born in iran but i know

  88. All of them are lie
    I am living there, i dont see eye to eye with you.
    Be honest please and dont exaggerate

  89. This article is a big lie, Iran is nothing like that (except long road trips)

  90. LoL, nice approach my friend. when I first saw this title, I have got really angry. I thought it is another blind eyed, ignorant opinion, but I am happy that you chose this way of showing the beauty of this country. To people who say that it is a beautiful country , but not safe ( specially some Iranians unfortunately ) I must say you are deeply wrong. I lived in Iran for many years as foreigner and never had any problem with authority or so called mullahs. It is a simple universal rule, DO NOT STEP ON THE AUTHORITY TAIL SO THEY WON’T COME BACK TO BIT YOU.It is not only Iran, I am pretty sure the others from other countries will agree with me. My good people, I believe that you will agree with me that Iran is waaaay safer than countries such as Thiland or Bali or Malaysia. Whoever is reading this article, by all means , go and visit Iran.It will be a delightful experience and trip. Beautiful sights and nature, friendly peoplw, safe, great food and costeffective trip. enjoy it

  91. yeah Iran might be depressing but racism is even more depressing , you know what made my life as an iranian girl miserable ?  a dogmatic racist mind like yours in power !