19 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Iran

No doubt you’ve heard a lot about Iran in the media. And it’s true, Iran is a truly evil and terrifying place. Here we present 19 reasons you should never, ever, visit this godforsaken land.

#1. The capital city is basically a ruin.

Tehran’s skyline is truly mediocre.

#2. Everyone lives in a mud shack.


The Tabatabaei house in Kashan is a pretty miserable place to while away your days.

#3. The villages are pretty much what you’d find anywhere else.

Amos Chapple

If Palangan village, on the border with Iraq, looks mildly impressive, it’s just because of the lighting. Nothing to do with the near-vertical positioning of the houses.

 #4. The architecture is plain and lackluster.

Why would anyone want to visit the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz?

#5. Meh.

Oh Shiraz, is this the best you can do?

#6. The women are oppressed and downtrodden.

Dela Fard Instagram

She looks like she needs someone to liberate her.

#7. Iranians are a grumpy, pool-party-hating bunch.

therichkidsoftehran instagram

I would hate to be hanging out with this boring group.

#8. The food is unpalatable and bland.

I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a barge pole.

#9. There is no ancient history to this place.

Big deal. Every country has at least one 6th century BC Achaemenid Empire burial site.

#10. A traveller interested in history and culture would be totally bored here.

2,500-year-old sculptures? Pff. My local museum is way better.

#11. Iranians are a bunch of philistines.

Amos Chapple

There is no Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, and definitely no Warhol, Pollock, Munch, Hockney or Rothko to see. None. Don’t go there.

#12. The mosques are anything but exquisite and intricate.

The Seyyed Mosque in Isfahan was basically designed and painted by a child.

#13. Where I come from ceilings are white… WHITE, you hear me?!

Chehel Sotoun Palace in Isfahan is SO overrated.

#14. It has the most un-magical, boring countryside imaginable.

Amos Chapple

Why would anyone want to visit the mountainous Kurdistan region of Iran?

#15. The only wildlife in Iran comprises mosquitos and cockroaches.

Morteza Eslami

There are no Persian Cheetahs in Iran. The ‘Persian’ in the name is just a misnomer.

#16. It’s basically just one big, dusty, hell-hole of a desert.

The wide expanse of sand reaching out as far as the eye can see make for one, long, boring road trip.

#17. People in Iran ride on camels.

Khastarin Mashin Haye Tehran

Cars? No. The only option is camel travel.

#18. There is no snow (and no ski resorts) in Iran — as we said, it’s all desert


Dizin ski resort was a massive flop. The only thing you’ll find there is tumbleweed and the odd sheperd.

#19. Yep, Iran is a positively depressing place. Definitely never, ever visit it.


  1. It was reported here in the US, that the people in this video, got in trouble with the Iranian morals police. I don’t know what the outcome was for them. If this is true, it’s ironic that this same video was used to promote Iran.

  2. before i trust on such articles but after reading this about iran i confirm these articles are paid and politicaly motivated …iran is one of the most beautiful country on this earth with very rich food culture which you cannot find on this hospitable and loving beautifull peoples around …this article is completely cheat and disgusting.

  3. I expect Iran to be the best place to be as far as tourism goes. My favorite so far has been Turkey and I’d imagine Iran has a much more preserved (and less trashily “globalized”) society and history. Unfortunately American and Israeli passport holders won’t be able to enjoy this experience.


  5. As far as I can remember the kids from the last video were sentenced to prison because they violated Iranian laws.

  6. It may look like that now, but just wait until America spreads some freedom their way.

  7. I don’t know what kind of idiot put this list together but anyone with half a brain would know that it’s not true. Iran is an amazing country with lots of places to see and the people are extremely hospitable and warm!

  8. So, the point of this was…what? There is nothing wrong with the Iranian people, it is their government that is full of azsholes.

  9. You forgot to mention that Iranian people are very Polite, generous and friendly and oh , they make the best Carpets in the world

  10. Thank you so much for putting these beautiful pictures from my country, cause by doing this you just made people to be more interested in VISITING Iran, but the only thing that made me feel sorry for you is how you explained them, It’s obvious that you don’t know a thing about “History” or “Art”, therefore I suggest you next time that you wanted to post and share your thoughts, first spend some time to study, so your information is valueable, correct and doesn’t waste others time. Also in this way people won’t laugh and make fun out of it!! and you will probably see better comments! 😉

  11. Iv heard that Christians are treated ok in Iran. Not like Syria, Libya and Iraq since they have been destabilized .

  12. Good grief people lighten up! The author is showing these absolutely beautiful places saying why would anyone want to see this? She’s obviously debunking what is said about Iran. It’s called sarcasm. After reading an article about the prisoner swap I wondered why would anyone want to travel to Iran and risk being falsely accused and imprisoned with no hope of release. My Google search brought me here. I would love to see these beautiful sites.

  13. been there and seen it last year, absolutely a wonderful country. misssing it very mich but hoping to visit again this year.

  14. Take off your dark glasses to see beauty. Use your imagination to widen your understanding of the world. Obviously, the article is reflective of a less than minimal knowledge of what Iran has to offer to the civilizations from the past and in the future.
    Long live Iran and Iranians. Proud to be civilized in truth…

  15. Great, you can get raped and be-headed while looking at the “magical” countryside! It’s also very telling that you chose the Andy Warhol display of freaking Chairman Mao! That’s what high art Iran has? Different colored pictures of commie dictators? Stands to reason though, they’re both oppressive governments! Why wouldn’t Iran emmulate China?

  16. It must have changed a lot in the last 15 years. My friend, the daughter of a doctor went to Iran to deal with her grandmother’s home. She was had to have men with her at almost every turn during the process and was even detained and required a communication from a male relative to get her passport back.

  17. believe still she is beautiful more than many other hatemongering zombies!

  18. The only woman field medallist is Iranian – Maryam Mirzakhani.
    Note: Field Medal- Highest award in Mathematics. Tougher than Nobel Prize as you have to be less than 40 to receive it.

  19. No 6 & 7 is an absoulute nonesense. Yes you can only do that quietly in your own private.

  20. You all dont anything about that beautiful country.Mind your own business wherever you live in your old stupid country

  21. Most of the reasons not to visit Iran is simply not true and some of them are totally ridiculous like : “People in Iran ride on camels” and “There is no ancient history to this place” . Iran’s attractions are spectacular and some of them are listed as world heritage.

  22. Thanks Brendan.And it is cheap and safe to visit!

  23. Huh? There are a lot of cars in iran why you talk soo many bulshit i’m not born in iran but i know

  24. All of them are lie
    I am living there, i dont see eye to eye with you.
    Be honest please and dont exaggerate

  25. This article is a big lie, Iran is nothing like that (except long road trips)

  26. LoL, nice approach my friend. when I first saw this title, I have got really angry. I thought it is another blind eyed, ignorant opinion, but I am happy that you chose this way of showing the beauty of this country. To people who say that it is a beautiful country , but not safe ( specially some Iranians unfortunately ) I must say you are deeply wrong. I lived in Iran for many years as foreigner and never had any problem with authority or so called mullahs. It is a simple universal rule, DO NOT STEP ON THE AUTHORITY TAIL SO THEY WON’T COME BACK TO BIT YOU.It is not only Iran, I am pretty sure the others from other countries will agree with me. My good people, I believe that you will agree with me that Iran is waaaay safer than countries such as Thiland or Bali or Malaysia. Whoever is reading this article, by all means , go and visit Iran.It will be a delightful experience and trip. Beautiful sights and nature, friendly peoplw, safe, great food and costeffective trip. enjoy it

  27. yeah Iran might be depressing but racism is even more depressing , you know what made my life as an iranian girl miserable ?  a dogmatic racist mind like yours in power !