17 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Michigan

Of the fifty states in the US, there’s one in particular that stands out like a sore thumb. Not for its beauty, mind you, but for other reasons. None of them positive.

1. Consider this a PSA to everyone thinking about visiting Michigan: just don’t.


Grand Portal Point, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Lake Superior

2. Going there could not be a more colossally dumb idea.


Forest road

3. It’s not the type of place you’d want to go to unwind.

Flickr: Leon Reed

Needle Rock, Mackinac Island

4. Nothing ever happens there, apparently.

Flickr: Wes Iversen

“Balloon Glow”, Frankenmuth

5. Do the locals just take up knitting to entertain themselves? I wonder.


Diving in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Lake Huron

6. They have just given up on trying to make the place attractive to visitors.


Mackinac Island

7. It’s a hopeless case anyway.


Little Carp River, Porcupine Mountain State Park

8. Even the tourist sights are simply underwhelming.

Flickr: Stephen Strubel

Mackinac Bridge

9. The state has nothing going for it, unfortunately.


Windmill Island, City of Holland

10. Michigan is like the ugly cousin that never got married.


Isle Royale, Lake Superior

11. It would be a challenge to find anything even remotely attractive in this place.

Flickr: John McCormick

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse,Eagle Harbor

12. I mean, seriously.

Michelle Calkins

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

13. “Plain” would be an understatement.


Ann Arbor

14. What is there to see apart from shrubbery?

National Geographic

Porcupine Mountains Waterfall

15. Do they know what year it is? Do they even live in the 21st century?

Flickr: Photography by Kenneth

Downtown Detroit

16. To tell you frankly, Michigan is just a waste of real estate.

Flickr: John McCormick

Grand Sable Dunes, Pictured Rocks National Lake

17. Give it a pass. You won’t miss anything.


“Aurora Borealis” seen from Headlands Park, Mackinaw City


  1. Just .some.e of the beauty of my beloved Michigan

  2. Michigan is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful places on Earth. I dont live there now, but I grew up there. Gorgeous.

    • Same here, the birch forests are like nothing else!

    • I feel exactly the same way! Love this place!

    • I moved here 5 years go and will never leave. I sometimes am not happy with the weather, but other than that… LOVE IT HERE

    • We all that was done tounge in cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m from St. Vincent and the Grenadines… Google that and be jealous lol. i do like Michigan though 🙂

    • Karilyn Gregory True, our weather is sometimes not pretty. But then, where will you find ideal weather on this continent?

    • Kim I’m Florida,Only cuz my family retired here from Ford’s,Dearborn MI. 42yrs,had to take medical retirement and pass away 2yr ago.NOW IM LOOKING ON MOVING BACK,HOME SICK,MISS MICHIGAN SOOOOO BAD,CHANGES OF SEASONS,UNION FABRICATOR/WELDER,TEAMSTER local 332,Flint.

  3. Okay, I’ll never visit michigan, especailly considering I can see pretty much all of these photos here in East Canada.

    • Good. We don’t want your kind in our state anyway!

    • Darrin Sliwa Awesome, because we don’t want your kind anywhere else in the world C:

    • Proof Canadians are humorless….and obviously blind.

    • Lori Martinson Cyples Said the one whos Country has had more mass shootings than days of the year in 2015.

    • Lol, people from Michigan think theyre awesome (but they’re not really)

    • It really is sad how the fine art of sarcasm is lost on so many people. Smfh. Isaac, not everyone from Michigan is an asshole, I promise.

    • Darrin Sliwa That’s the best you can do? ‘dweeb’?

    • Ashley Elizabeth Peake Right? Respond to scarcasim with scarcasim and everybody wants to kill you. Smh.

    • Deborah Marshall read the other responses you dimwit

    • Jeffrey Moss I’m glad. It shows both how much we want you here and how horrible your education is.

    • I thought Canucks were supposed to be nice…hmm…lol. Yes, Michigan and Canada are very similar as far as landscape goes. There are things you have in Canada that we don’t have. And there are plenty of things we have here in Michigan that you don’t have…like motown, good hockey teams and senses of humor 😉 Oh and we have Bruce Campbell, so we win.

    • Oh, and I just went to your FB profile Isaac and wow…you talk a LOT of shit on your page. Post after post about “I’m not afraid come at me bro” and “I never heard from those cowards ever again.” Yeah…I’m just so impressed by your badassery. Attention seeking much? I have an older brother who is an internet troll and acts just like you. We haven’t spoken in over a year because he’s a man child who treats everyone like shit and won’t grow up. Have your mommy make you another Hot Pocket and go find a hobby you overgrown dildo.

    • Ashley Spencer Incorrect, but thanks for not reading the previous like… what? 20 comments? See that’s the porblem with you Americans, you can dish out scarcasim but you can’t take it. As soon as I responded with scarcasimto a scarcastic post everyone started handing me death threats, and it’s been over a year now since that comment so fuck no I’m not backing off. Especailly since YOU felt the need to respond to a comment from 2015 because you #1 Diden’t read the previous comments and #2 were too small minded to look for the comment date before you started literally trying to bash my character because I said your precious crappy state looked a lot like Canada, only we actually understand scarcasim (Ie. have a sense of humor) and have a better education and health system C:

      Also I will point out that you tried to bash my personal character – of which you only know the pieces I put as public information to make sure someone got the point that threatening myself, as well as threatening to feed my dog and cats anti-freeze was funny- because I disagreed with you. Another point I contend with is I did not even know what a ‘hot pocket’ was until I goggled it. Typical fast greasy fat American food. How nice of you to feed your children those Mrs. Stepmom. Just keep feeding doghnuts to your obeesed children, what a horrible parent you are.

    • Ashley Spencer Also no one even knowes who Bruce Campbell is, so you lose.

    • Isaac Quintin Lavigne What the hell is ‘scarcasim’?

    • Isaac Quintin Lavigne *knows…and only dimwits are unaware of Bruce Campbell. We win, you fat dolt.

    • Justin Keyser LMAO! You, calling me fat? That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. And no no one knows who whoever Campbell is and your butt hurt over it. Go cry to your mommy. And ummm.. it’s called voice to text? I’m sorry that you actually thought that I would waste enough of my precious time to individually type and spell each and every word that I am sending to you but as a matter of fact I am not, I am merely dictating to my phone because you’re not worth any more time than that

  4. Terrible place. Nobody should come here. Except tourists. If they spend enough money, I guess it’s okay.

  5. Uh huh. What about Detroit, Dearbornistan and your a-hole governor? These are excellent reasons to stay far away from MI… and I will.

    • There is a couple so far that need to just stay away.

    • U CANNOT judge a state by Detroit. Detroit not the whole state. There is alot of beautiful places in MICHIGAN.

    • I never want to go to New York. Especially New York City. Doing the same thing as that Jim Wood.

    • Betty Casey Herron Cant we give Detroit to Canada or Ohio!!

    • Detroit is awesome. City is on a comeback unlike anything you’ve ever seen, I live downtown

    • Detroit is not the entire state of Michigan and Dearborn is a very nice place to live, with high property values and very little crime. I can’t argue with you about the a-hole governor, though! You got me there! 🙂

    • Hey, I just thought of something good about our governor! It’s his LAST term. Yay!

    • I don’t know 1 single person who voted for Gov. Snyder, so…yeah…lol. That election was completely rigged. We have crooked politics here in Michigan, just like the rest of the world too. And Detroit is an amazing city that gets a bad rep because of the media. If you came here and saw if for yourself, your opinion would do a 180.

    • Yes our governor sucks and every state has a city or two with a bad reputation, but the positive aspects of this state far supersede and overshadow the negative. We have sand dunes, waterfalls, more coastline than almost any other state, the largest freshwater lake in the world. Torch lake was voted the most beautiful lake in the world. Every state has a few criminals and dirty politicians, believe me they don’t represent most of us

  6. I have been to most of these places and it is beautiful. I love Grand Marias area probably the most. I did not see the Tunnel of trees here it is beautiful along Lake Michigan from Harbor Springs to Cross Village.

  7. but…four out of five Great Lakes still choose Michigan!

  8. I agree that Michigan is the best. I have been to every State in the Union. There is not another State that I would rather live.

  9. My beautiful Michigan one of the most wonderful state, love it .

  10. They left out all the gorgeous golf courses. But that’s just me.

  11. I can think of 118 other reasons also. Yep stay away and YOU loose.

  12. The reason Michigan is shaped like a mitten (hand) is that is the hand of God holding the Earth while molding the rest of the planet!!

  13. After spending time in a desert I appreciate even more our green forests, amazing lakes, and charming cities. Go Michigan!

  14. Lived there for twenty five years. Saw most of this. Would not move back. Too cold for one thing. This shows the best parts. How about the really bad places? Every coin has two sides.

    • This MISSED many Great places in Michigan! The Keweenaw Peninsula alone has more than 17 beautiful sites!

    • Everywhere has bad places, don’t goto them. Everywhere in the world has a ghetto.

  15. Nichole Riley, you might want to rethink your vacation plans….

  16. judging Michigan by Detroit is like judging Illinois by Chicago ,,,,,,visit and see for yourself

  17. Oh lucky you now the Californians will be flocking to your state. haha.
    Yes it is very beautiful.

  18. Not forget the big house in Ann Arbor owned by the Ohio State Buckeyes

  19. I miss my home state more than ever now. This brought tears to my eyes.

  20. Jack and I viewed this and we loved the photos. An actor does a promo on Michigan he calls it pure Michigan and I love what you have put on line



    • Yay!!! Another person who caught that! Woo hooooo! I’m not the only one. Point Lookout is one of my favorite places on the PLANET!!!

    • It’s actually just Sugar Loaf. No rock put on there. Call it Sugar Loaf Rock if you want, people will understand what you mean. Just remember that it’s only Sugar Loaf.

  21. I don’t live there, but I get there as often as I can !

  22. I dunno why the Michigan haters have to make a comment of negativity, or ne comment at all as far as that goes. Just move on and stop trying to take our pride away. It didn’t work with me, I’m very proud to be a resident here, and have traveled and have not found a btr place I’d live/move to. Must be jealousy. 😉 Michigan is very beautiful & so is Canada. (My favorite vacation spot) Canada is only 6 hrs away from me. Every state/country you visit has it’s own positives & negatives. I look at good/positive things everywhere, and ignore/overlook the bad/negative things. Shame on you for trying to down-grade the beauty Our Heavenly Father has blessed us with. O’an what state are you from? ROTFLMAO!!!

  23. I grew up in Michigan too. They forgot to include the beautiful golf courses, the exciting football games, Michigan’s Adventure amusement park, the hundreds of different lakes for fishing, the deer infested woods for hunting, the different places in the winter for sledding, skiing, and ice skating, and so much more.

  24. I was born here in God’s “hand” and here is where I will finally rest. <3

  25. Michigan is beautiful. I’ve lived in MI my whole life and I never get tired of the view.

  26. So much beauty here it gets more beautiful every day

  27. Beautiful pictures! Too many places I never visited while living there for 50 years.

  28. Love the Michigan thing! So many more splendid places here!

  29. I live here and love it,,,just don’t want too many visitors blocking my view….All four seasons,,,sometimes in the same month!!!

  30. Grew up camping all around the Great Lakes….nothing like it!

  31. Grew up in Michigan, been living in the desert southwest for 27 years. Moving back in about 8 months. 🙂

    • Lol you and the rest of you dirt dwellers. You get a pass from previous life experience. The rest can keep heading east.

  32. And you have Britisher sites to see that won’t be disturbed

  33. You don’t even explain why you don’t like it, every picture you show is gorgeous!

  34. According to a definite and final rankings of all 50 states Michigan is the first which means it is the best states of the whole country so you have no right to say that it’s so boring in a bunch of ugly crap!

  35. It has got to be one of the most beautiful ststes in the whole 50, and I”v lived here my whole 79 years

  36. My home sweet home. Always has been and always will be. This is truly GOD’S COUNTRY.

  37. Grew up there and visit several times a year. Had to move to Alabama to keep family fed and sheltered 10 years ago. Dont really miss the snow and cold, but miss everything in the pics above. Most beautiful state in the U.S.A.

  38. I love Michigans beauty! It has a little bit of everything!

  39. I call bs. Michigan is boring af. Lived my whole life. Can’t wait to leave.

    • Your job title says alot about your attitude. Looks like you maybe need some help getting out. Just let us know when you want to leave

    • David Sawdy My job title has nothing to do with my attitude towards Michigan. I love my job. You act like you know me? Lmao! What exactly are you insinuating?

  40. Whoever made this is the most retarted ass person who was never loved as a child

    • I think they made it in a sarcastic way. That’s the way I took it neway, I always try to look for good in everything. Maybe I’m wrong. But it doesn’t really matter cuz so many people talk so much crap/negativity/bs about Michigan trying to upset us Michigander’s. It doesn’t work tho. They posted some beautiful pic’s of “Our Nature”. There’s lots more beauty that we were blessed with. I myself, live very close to Lake Michigan. It is very relaxing/comforting to sit on the sand next to the water and watch the beautiful sunsets shining on the lake, while listening to the waves hitting the shore. The best place to just sit and meditate. Michigan is abt surrounded with The Great Lakes. The Great Lake State. Go Blue!!! 😉 Have a grt day!!!

    • I think they did this sarcastically too. Because why would u try and say crap about michigan but use beautiful pictures like this?

    • Why you gotta use retarded? Why you gotta bring special needs cats in on it?

  41. And we can keep it all for ourselves……….. lol


  43. Hoping to visit Mackinac Island for our 50th anniversary in September…not sure it will happen though.

  44. no pictures during the winter??? That is why i hate the winter here, all the rest i agree are beautiful

  45. My home for over 72 years. Can’t imagine living elsewhere. Love the changing seasons

  46. It’s to bad the words don’t match the pictures. I love Michigan. I can’t imagine leaving. What an amazing place to raise a family. Wonderful weather (most of the time. Lol don’t like it? Wait 5 minutes lol) natural beauty, culturally diverse, stunning

  47. Whom ever wrote this has never visited here. There is so much to do here and all of the splender is not in the U.P. I can name many things in the lower half of Michigan that are splendid as well. There aren’t any sharks in our waters either,love that

    • The entire statement on which your comment is predicated is false. Yes, the Lower penninsula is just as amazing as the Upper, but only 41% of those pictures are from the U.P. Same as the amount from Lower Michigan. The rest are Mackinac.

  48. Our Governor has a great sense of humor. This was a great spoof.

  49. After 3 years in the Army, I couldn’t wait to come back. Michigan just feels like home.

    • Too bad so many people seemed to miss that. I lose faith in the human race a little more each day.

  50. I grew up there. You can take the girl out of Michigan but you can’t take Michigan out of the girl. I thank my parents for picking Michigan as our home How wonderful

  51. You must not be FROM here … that’s not NEEDLE ROCK … it’s called Sugar Loaf to those of us who know it well.

  52. born and raised in Michigan, moved to Ohio when I married my husband. I would move back except for kids and grandkids are all in Ohio. Still vacation on Lake Huron every summer, I think it’s the most beautiful state and I’ve been to almost all of them. Been to Europe, Basi, Hawaii and I still think Michigan is the best place to vacation.

  53. I love this state. I have lived all around this country. I always come back here. No where else can even compete with it’s beauty.

  54. I love how they just show the summer and fall. Where are the pictures of all the snow and cold?

  55. I lové Michigan not only because of it’s beauty but because my best friends live there though i don’t Often see them but friendship needs no words

  56. My husband and I visited a few years back and loved Michigan. Beautiful state.

  57. Thank You for showing everyone how beautiful our state is!!

  58. Just got back from Mackinac Island…….oh, the humanity!

  59. Visit the beautiful MSU campus in E. Lansing. (yes, I am biased).

  60. I loved growing up in Michigan. I miss my family there, but I don’t miss the cold winters. I’ve lived in several states, and Michigan summers are the absolute best.

  61. There is no other state like Michigan. We are blessed with the beauty of her.

  62. I just returned from a week spent on Crystal Lake. My husband calls it Shangra La! My daughter and husband have a beautiful home there on the lake and we go a couple of times a year and love, love, love the beauty of Michigan!

  63. Michigan is magnificent. I think they meant Ohio. LOL

  64. Do not love their winter. Been there, done that. No thanks

  65. Weather in the UP is TOO COLD! Having 90’s past few days, but wore my winter coat for 8 months!

  66. It’s not needle rock on Mackinac Island! The Rock is called sugar loaf.

  67. Love view at white fish point and both sides of the straights south haven lighthouse in the winter and many more was the winter wonderland and summer paradise I Loved as a kid growing up

  68. Meat chicken has bad looking trees in up. Wisconsin trees much better. Meat vhicken trees sre for cleaning bottles ( bottle brush pines).

    • The literacy of your statement has taught me that I should never buy Denso products.

  69. I have no intention of ever leaving Michigan, not even to retire. Florida is sooooooooo overrrated.

  70. SShhhhhhhhhhh…do you also tell everyone you know the best resteraunt?

  71. My family came here in 1747 and lived in Fort Detroit for 3 years. We have not been able to find a better place to live yet, but then, what’s the rush:) lol

  72. i have relatives that live in the up and i found the place total relaxing

  73. why do people drive past MI to go to New England….????

  74. I wanna deck someone for the captions but hug them for the pics

  75. i miss michigan every day especially in the spring and summer and the holidays it is a beautiful state no matter where you travel. and small town friendly everywhere if they aren’t friendly then they are not natives of michigan

  76. I love Michigan. But I’m really surprised that the photos didn’t include the thousands of acres of beautiful farmland, the summer sunsets, some barns, the cherry festival (or even a photo of a cherry pie) and someone fishing.

  77. Very creative! Find a Michigan map, close your eyes, take a deep breath, touch the map anywhere, and plan the trip! You will find beauty anywhere if you just look!

  78. I spent 21 not so glorious years there. Growing up in wayne county as a ward of the court due to neglect. I can say with good certainty these pictures tell nothing of the hell that lurks in Michigan. The muslims have taken over the city of Dearbornistan try finding a cab without a muslim behind the wheel. And you tell yourself oh these are moderate muslims. The problem with Michigan is the politics Detroit (Wayne County has been under democrat and union control for over 60 years. Look up the beauty of that in the streets of Detroit. Wanna live there a house can be bought for 500 bucks they need tax payers. Com experience Michigan if you live through it, you may have a story to tell.

  79. These people that wrote this has no idea what they are talking about. My family lives in Michigan and I have been there several times. I love it.

  80. I currently live and have ALWAYS lived in Michigan! The photos in this article in my opinion are simply stunning! What the hell is the author even trying to say? They drive through the state with blinders on?? Get a grip!!

  81. All the reasons I live here!
    You’ve been warned; nothing too see here, move along!

  82. Absolutely the most beautiful and interesting state from shore to shore, born and raised here. I’m a Troll , married a Yooper, that was 50+ years ago.

  83. There’s nothing like Michigan. It is beautiful and it is home to many lucky people. I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

  84. I would love to visit Michigan and all their sites, it truly looks BEAUTIFUL!

  85. Yes… I’d like to visit all of these, just to see how BAD they are…..

  86. One of God’s greatest wonders…yep that’s our Michigan!

  87. who ever thinks that michigan is a bad place to live they never gave it a try its a nice place

  88. Always knew growing where the magic truly was when we’d return FROM Disney!

  89. If you don’t hunt, fish or camp there is absolutely nothing to do in Michigan. Plus the weather absolutely sucks. No thanks!

  90. They’re right Michigan is a terrible place to come visit. After all there are wonderful people,history and beautiful places like nowhere else….why would you want to ever leave?

  91. was just up to houghton, copper harbor over the bride at a dead stop, then went to travers city, n down to manistee to little river casino, 1350 miles in 5 days

  92. I have been away for 30 years and I’ve forgotten some of the amazing beauty of the State of my Birth! Wow!

  93. Your listing of Needlepoint Rock on Mackinac Island is actually called Sugarloaf!

  94. Michigan always has been and always will be my home!!!

  95. i dont know who wrote this article but i diisagree with them i love mighigan

  96. Born and raised in Michigan, hate the snow and cold, I go to a warmer place, but the rest of year is great, lots of water and green all over!!! Love Mi but not it’s winters.

  97. Have you ever been here or just being a negative person?

  98. WOW……..what great scenery. I have visted many of those places over the years.

  99. I am from MI but live in OH now only few hrs away. I come up there every chance I get. Next month on vacation I am going to Mackinac Island as I havent been there in a long time

  100. everyone loves Michigan.. (in the spring, summer and fall) Just about everyone hates Michigan in the blistery cold winter!! I did… So I moved to California in 1972 and never looked back..Well, OK I looked back and now see a hateful governor that has screwed up my home state..

  101. It has to be a beautiful place, my children live there.

  102. So “tongue in cheek” and such beauty in Michigan and we know what wonderful people come from there and I want to live there and to have come from there!

  103. Michigan is beuatiful but stay out of Newberry-nothing but a bunch of inbreds and drug abuse!!

    • You are absolutely correct. I work in Newberry, but don’t have to live there thank god!

  104. Just a little sarcasm here, people. Except for the occassional harsh winter, there’s no place like home. Remember, “We don’t have hurricanes.”

  105. I been in Michigan all my life and would not live anywhere else. Can not wait to be able to move up north

  106. yeah, Michigan is great! whatever you do, don’t move to Florida

  107. Love to travel to other places, but would never live anywhere else! The variety of beauty in this state cannot be outdone!

  108. Water. Nuff said.
    We were a flyover state. Soon, the rest of the country will try to move here because we have water. No Midwest pipeline. Ever.

  109. Porcupine WHIRLPOOL falls is what that one picture is. Sadly not much of the circles remain now…

  110. I have visited and explored many states in my youth. Have always regretted never getting to Michigan and Wisconsin. Have looked at pictures all through the years, and these, make my regret even deeper.

  111. Michigan has one fifth of the planets fresh water supply. That alone says it is a very good place to live.

  112. It would take years to see everything that Michigan has to offer.

  113. Michigan sucks shit some nice scenery but most of locals have a drug problem and are bat shit crazy lol

  114. the person who put this together should come to the woods with me they might not make it out . fuck who put this together i hope i dont see ur face ever u fuck…

  115. Wow, we don’t mind if you never come back to Michigan. I Love the beauty of Michigan. I’ve been here 28 years and have much more to see in my beautiful State

  116. I was born and raised in Ann Arbor. Lived between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti for 23 years. I now live in Mississippi. I miss Michigan, but I had to get away.

  117. I’ve seen many beautiful place, POSSIBLY a few as beautiful as Michigan, but they would never be “home” to me.

  118. Have to love the sarcasm of the whole thing. I’ve lived elsewhere and am proud to live in Michigan again.


  120. If you like lighthouses, don’t go to Michigan, he said sarcastically!

  121. This is not serious I live in Michigan and have traveled to other states and by far Michigan is one of the most beautiful states in our Country. It offers lakes galore, wooded areas, city life not just Detroit but Grand Rapids, Lansing, and a number of beautiful little towns for weekend gettaways the pictured rocks are beautiful and lighthouses are wonderful I hope this was not a serious take on our state because it was so untrue on so many levels.

  122. The rock formation is called Sugarloaf not Needle Rock.

  123. I love Michigan. Too bad most of these pictures are of the U.P., or Northern Michigan.

  124. I hope you realize that these photos are highly edited. And we’ll just ignore the fact that you used a photo of a rich guy’s home on the U of M campus to represent Michigan homes.

  125. It’s OK in the warm months; the winter months suck beyond belief.

  126. Where are the 17 reasons for not visiting mich i didn’t find a one?