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17 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Michigan

Of the fifty states in the US, there’s one in particular that stands out like a sore thumb. Not for its beauty, mind you, but for other reasons. None of them positive.

1. Consider this a PSA to everyone thinking about visiting Michigan: just don’t.


Grand Portal Point, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Lake Superior

2. Going there could not be a more colossally dumb idea.

Forest road

3. It’s not the type of place you’d want to go to unwind.

Flickr: Leon Reed

Needle Rock, Mackinac Island

4. Nothing ever happens there, apparently.

Flickr: Wes Iversen

“Balloon Glow”, Frankenmuth

5. Do the locals just take up knitting to entertain themselves? I wonder.

Diving in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Lake Huron

6. They have just given up on trying to make the place attractive to visitors.

Mackinac Island

7. It’s a hopeless case anyway.

Little Carp River, Porcupine Mountain State Park

8. Even the tourist sights are simply underwhelming.

Flickr: Stephen Strubel

Mackinac Bridge

9. The state has nothing going for it, unfortunately.

Windmill Island, City of Holland

10. Michigan is like the ugly cousin that never got married.

Isle Royale, Lake Superior

11. It would be a challenge to find anything even remotely attractive in this place.

Flickr: John McCormick

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse,Eagle Harbor

12. I mean, seriously.

Michelle Calkins

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

13. “Plain” would be an understatement.

Ann Arbor

14. What is there to see apart from shrubbery?

National Geographic

Porcupine Mountains Waterfall

15. Do they know what year it is? Do they even live in the 21st century?

Flickr: Photography by Kenneth

Downtown Detroit

16. To tell you frankly, Michigan is just a waste of real estate.

Flickr: John McCormick

Grand Sable Dunes, Pictured Rocks National Lake

17. Give it a pass. You won’t miss anything.

“Aurora Borealis” seen from Headlands Park, Mackinaw City


  1. yeah, Michigan is great! whatever you do, don’t move to Florida

  2. Love to travel to other places, but would never live anywhere else! The variety of beauty in this state cannot be outdone!

  3. Water. Nuff said.
    We were a flyover state. Soon, the rest of the country will try to move here because we have water. No Midwest pipeline. Ever.

  4. Porcupine WHIRLPOOL falls is what that one picture is. Sadly not much of the circles remain now…

  5. I have visited and explored many states in my youth. Have always regretted never getting to Michigan and Wisconsin. Have looked at pictures all through the years, and these, make my regret even deeper.

  6. Michigan has one fifth of the planets fresh water supply. That alone says it is a very good place to live.

  7. It would take years to see everything that Michigan has to offer.

  8. Michigan sucks shit some nice scenery but most of locals have a drug problem and are bat shit crazy lol

  9. the person who put this together should come to the woods with me they might not make it out . fuck who put this together i hope i dont see ur face ever u fuck…

  10. Wow, we don’t mind if you never come back to Michigan. I Love the beauty of Michigan. I’ve been here 28 years and have much more to see in my beautiful State

  11. I was born and raised in Ann Arbor. Lived between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti for 23 years. I now live in Mississippi. I miss Michigan, but I had to get away.

  12. I’ve seen many beautiful place, POSSIBLY a few as beautiful as Michigan, but they would never be “home” to me.

  13. Have to love the sarcasm of the whole thing. I’ve lived elsewhere and am proud to live in Michigan again.


  15. If you like lighthouses, don’t go to Michigan, he said sarcastically!

  16. This is not serious I live in Michigan and have traveled to other states and by far Michigan is one of the most beautiful states in our Country. It offers lakes galore, wooded areas, city life not just Detroit but Grand Rapids, Lansing, and a number of beautiful little towns for weekend gettaways the pictured rocks are beautiful and lighthouses are wonderful I hope this was not a serious take on our state because it was so untrue on so many levels.

  17. The rock formation is called Sugarloaf not Needle Rock.

  18. I love Michigan. Too bad most of these pictures are of the U.P., or Northern Michigan.

  19. I hope you realize that these photos are highly edited. And we’ll just ignore the fact that you used a photo of a rich guy’s home on the U of M campus to represent Michigan homes.

  20. It’s OK in the warm months; the winter months suck beyond belief.

  21. Where are the 17 reasons for not visiting mich i didn’t find a one?