17 Reasons You Should Date a Girl Who Reads

She’s the girl sitting in the corner, eyes fixed on the pages in front of her. Her bag is never without at least one paperback. .

You’ll find this girl in cafes, libraries, bookstores, or literally any corner where there’s a seat and adequate lighting. If you happen to be looking for someone to complete you, we highly suggest you look for this dying breed. Here’s why:

#1. She’s ridiculously easy to buy gifts for.


There is a 100% chance that she has a long line of titles on her to-read list since high school. Bonus points if you buy the books in hardcover.

#2. She’s not hard to please.

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The reader is a romantic — she will swoon for a few sweet words scribbled on a post-it note, or kissing under the rain. She will appreciate anything that is given with heartfelt sincerity.

#3. She is non-judgmental.


She has swum in the minds of a thousand characters, most of whom do not share her own ideologies. She is more open and accepting of non-traditional world views and practices because she knows — sort of firsthand — what it feels like to be on the outside looking in.

#4. She will love listening to your thoughts and dreams.

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She thoroughly enjoys “reading” your thoughts — which she will do by listening to everything you say. And not a single morsel will be “boring” to her ears. She will drink up your words like ice-cold water on a hot summer day.

#5. She will be forgiving of failures.


A reader knows that for every bad ending, there is always a sequel. She knows that underdogs and “broken” people have so much to give and have a chance to shine if given the opportunity.

#6. She does not fall into the daily trappings of an uninteresting life.


Why would she gossip about boring, real-life people when she could discuss Anna Karenina’s epic love story? What good is going to a cafe if all you want to do is take generic selfies of drinks? Human nature boggles her mind.

#7. She is not overly concerned about physical appearance.


We’re talking about someone who spends her money on books rather than shoes, whose idea of shopping isn’t going to Sephora, but to a bookstore. After all, this is a girl who has known more than one Beauty and the Beast story — she knows that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

#8. She understands that you both need time for yourselves.


Time she will be using to finish reading that book.

#9. She is adventurous.


She’s seen the world through the eyes of so many people, and knows that there’s a big adventure waiting for her out there.

#10. She’s curious.

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She’s always hungry for more stories, and won’t pass up the chance to hear an especially good one.

#11. She’s a great storyteller.


You’ll want to listen to her for hours and hours…

#12. She has a sense of perspective.


Complaints from her are few and far between. She knows her work problems don’t even come close to Dagny Taggart’s woes in Atlas Shrugged.

#13. She doesn’t get bored easily.


The only things she needs to be entertained are a comfortable chair and a good book. Also, coffee.

#14. She’s cultured.


She knows the arts — or at least, read enough books about the topic. She can go from talking about Ulysses to Dr. Seuss books without missing a beat. Conversations with her will reach another level altogether.

#15. She’s a critical thinker.


Studies have shown that readers possess stronger analytical, vocabulary, and memory skills, which means that she will give thought to every decision and not just go by impulse. She’d rather have an intellectual discussion to solve the issue than get into a screaming fit where no one wins.

#16. She’s empathetic.

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Books have exposed her to the lives of many types of people. She’s lived in the shoes of peasants, royals, heroes, and criminals. Although she might not always agree with you, she will surely try to see things from your eyes.

#17. She is always, always in love.


To the reader, falling in love is a magical experience quite unlike anything else in the world. Chances are, she’s already filled to the brim with love even before you came along — which means you’ll be the personification of all the tales of romance she’s ever read and all the heroes she’s ever fallen for in her books.

We should take heed from filmmaker John Waters, who said: “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have any books, don’t f**k ’em.” No truer words were ever spoken.


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