These Are Photos Of A Preserved 1950s American Town… With A Twist

Photographer Michael Paul Smith has taken a lot of incredible photos of some vintage looking towns…

It’s amazing he can still find cars and houses with this retro style.

Some of the photos are in black and white to better reflect the decade the houses appear to be from.

Though the question still stands of how he managed to find a town that looks like it never left the fifties. And yes, these pictures were taken recently.

Here’s the answer: the above pictures are actually photographs of small, replica cars and buildings.

It’s a good thing they’re models or this might be terrifying.

But enough about the models, let’s look at a regular photograph of a full-sized car from the same period to compare.

Oh, never mind. Apparently that one was a model too.

Michael builds all of the custom-made models himself with an incredible eye for detail.

The 60 year old-Michael considers these towns recreations of the sort of places he grew up in.

You can see the pride he takes in his work.

Michael will often photograph at the exact right space and time to make the sky of the mini city as authentic as possible.

Let’s just hope Michael continues to use his magic car shrinking powers for good!

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