1D’s Louis Tomlinson And Zayn Malik Twitter Feud Is Blowing Up Big Time

A mini Twitter war has broken out between One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and former bandmate Zayn Malik.

This very sad story began when producer Naughty Boy, who is working with the former Directioner on his solo album, tweeted this heavily filtered photo of his boy, Zayn — Mac Photo Booth anyone?

For some reason, Louis Tomlinson threw some serious shade on the photo in a subsequent tweet.

A somewhat passive-aggressive exchange of words then ensued.

But the real kicker happened when Zayn, Louis’ former bandmate and bro, joined the fray.

Needless to say, the fans were not amused. It’s a tragic turn of events for the entire 1D fandom, who have only recently started to move on after Zayn officially left the band in March.

Some were angry at Zayn.

Others, disappointed.

Even more were downright devastated.

Zayn’s behavior was even more curious given his words when he left the band: “I know I have four friends for life in Louis, Liam, Harry and Niall. I know they will continue to be the best band in the world”.

“There was always a chance that Zayn would come back to the band or at least there was an open door for that to happen in the distant future,” said a source close to the group. “But now after today’s Twitter war that door is closed.”

Oh, Zayn. Words fail us. And that doesn’t happen very often.