21 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life As A Woman Way Easier

1. No iron at home?

via Lifehacker

Your flat iron is perfect for quick jobs. Great to straighten up those shirt collars!

2. Upgrade your old heels

via Delia Creates

Now you don’t have to throw out last season’s pair when you can give them a quick and easy upgrade with the fabric of your choice.

3. Avoid runs in your tights with hair spray

via Let’s Wear That

Clear nail polish works too. Just spray or paint some on your runs.

4. No more green skin from cheap rings

via Bit Square

Avoid your fingers turning green from cheap metal, simply by applying a clear coat of polish to the inside of your rings.

5. Smart packing

via Real Simple

Pack your shoes in a shower cap to keep the clothes in your suitcase clean while you travel.

6. Nail polish bottles getting too hard?

via Lovelyish

Wrap a rubber band around the lid for extra grip. Easy peasy.

7. No time to wash stinky jeans? Try this:

via Rawr Denim

Leaving your jeans in the freezer overnight will “shock” the bacteria and make your jeans smell much better, without any washing.

8. Curl your hair with a flat iron! Yes, a flat iron

via Ramshackle Glam

Now you can save that extra cash instead of buying another hair iron! Just twist the iron rather than running it straight through your hair. This one takes some practice to perfect though.

9. Tired of buttons falling off?

via Bulldog Clothing Company

Apply a coat of clear nail polish to your buttons to keep them from falling off.

10. Give your bobby pins a makeover

via Hopeful Honey

Aah the wonders of nail polish! Say goodbye to boring brown and black hair pins.

11. De-fuzz your sweater with a pumice stone

via Lark About

Removes fuzzies and pills, just remember to use a lint roller afterwards. A disposable shaving razor works too.

12. You’ve been drying your hair all wrong

via Michelle Phan

Rubbing hair with a towel can rough up the cuticle, causing frizz and breakage. Use a super-soft tee instead.

13. Never lose a bobby pin again

via Lovely Indeed

This way, you won’t have to go digging to the bottom of your purse.

14. Stop your bra from showing

via Muy Ingenioso

Sew in a bra strap clasp to your shirt to avoid visible bra straps.

15. Tuck non-skinny jeans into boots

via The Todd & Erin Favorite 5

Master the art of folding and using boot socks to fit even the widest flares into boots.

16. Tame fly-aways with dryer sheets

via Fashion Lady

Who would’ve thought? Using dryer sheets turn out to be a fantastic way to combat static hair and they don’t leave your hair greasy either!

17. Don’t want to risk your perfect manicure?

via Motoring About

Just use a staple remover to slide your new keys on your ring.

18. Ran out of shaving cream?

via about style

Hair conditioner works just as well, and maybe even better! Baby oil works too.

19. Get rid of deodorant marks on clothes with dryer sheets

via Taste Style

Rubbing water on the stain also works too.

20. Keep your headphones from unraveling with craft/hanger clips

via Life Love Liz

Your earphones’ lifespan will thank you.

21. Get the perfect French manicure

via paper raindrops

Use a rubber band, ribbon or tape. Never struggle over a home mani-pedi session ever again!