21 Mind-Blowing, Awesome Rooms That Will Make You Want To Go There Now.

A lot of thought and planning goes into making a great room, but to make the perfect room takes a lot of skill. Each of these rooms are perfect in their own way and would be difficult for just anyone to pull off. They combine the perfect locations, views, design and furniture to create a space that’s so amazing, it seems like it’s straight out of a catalog.

#1. A comfy room with a beautiful view over the valley… the perfect place to read.
01 - 4Mn6I

#2. This would make a great place to relax and watch movies.
02 - MSb0j

#3. Walls are so over-rated (when you have an ocean view).
03 - VXXHz

#4. I’m guessing the wood has some sound-engineering benefits (either way, it looks awesome).
04 - 5AZgE

#5. Looks like someone took a rainbow and splashed it on the wall.
06 - ILq1k

#6. Great place to swim or nap… or perhaps both if you’re unlucky enough to fall out of bed!
07 - vilYt

#7. A luxury log ‘cabin’ .
08 - T50md

#8. When you’re up this high, why not take advantage of the view?
09 - Ga6Rq

#9. Woodtastic or woodsanity?
11 - WCyJt

#10. This looks immensely cosy, imagine just sliding into that sofa chair. mmmm…
12 - 9w4lM

#11. Now this is pretty smart, it looks like you can rotate it to do anything you want, be it work, sleep or play.
13 - ZKLMI

#12. Love watching films and TV? Then this is the room for you.
14 - mSw6k

#13. And this, ladies and gentleman, is a bookworm’s paradise.
15 - PAUUa

#14. It looks gorgeous, but wouldn’t that water just get all over the place?
16 - xJPy5

#15. Awesome looking hangout spot.
17 - 7wpZ0

#16. Host a dinner party here and it will be impossible to have a bad time.
18 - 0doNJ

#17. And the award for the most relaxing room in the world goes to…
21 - D8f6H

#18. Wow, the walls of wilderness look fantastic.
23 - Ffozo

#19. Wake up, open the closet, slide in, and start your day with a SPLASH!
25 - 3cQ9a

#20. This would be a great place to hang out during the summer.
27 - 3uPlk

#21. Imagine living here away from everything else, with a good book, a glass of wine, a beautiful valley view, and no one to know you’re there…
30 - 6H2hv