21 Photos Of Prince George Stealing The Limelight At His Sister’s Christening

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All eyes were on Sandringham last Sunday as Britain’s royal family came out in force for Princess Charlotte’s christening at St Mary Magdalene church.

The little princess snoozed through most of it, so it was up to her older brother Prince George to entertain the crowd.

Luckily, he was happy to oblige.

The prince was dressed in a red and white ensemble that was very similar to an outfit that his father wore at his age.

He calmly walked through the crowd like he was born for it… which he was.

Here he is fixing his shorts, which may have been chafing a bit from all the walking.

George seems a little reluctant to walk at this point…

“Don’t rush me, dad.”

At the church, he was a model of good manners and decorum.

And had a lot to say to his gran.

Soon his mind turned to other things…

… Like rolling out his sister’s pram himself.

However, his plan was immediately thwarted. Tsk.

Here is George checking up on his little sister.

With nothing much to do while the adults stood around chit-chatting, the little prince was understandably a little bored.

But ever the polite young man, he soon covered it up when he realized the world was watching.

But there was absolutely no way he was going to go all the way back on foot.

So his dad gave him a bit of a talking-to.

But of course, the young prince got his way.

With this entire walking nonsense behind him, he continued to ham it up for the cameras.

It might have been his little sister’s christening, but Prince George was the real star of the show.

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