21 Positively Delicious DIY Frozen Treats To Get You Through The Hot Days Of Summer

You’ll want to try them all, but just don’t eat them all at the same time.

#1. Orange crush ice cream.

Bloomingon Bainbridge

Turn your favorite citrus soda into a creamy frozen treat with this recipe.

 #2. Biscoff ice cream.

Katies Cucina

Biscoff Spread is made from cookies, and you can make ice cream out of it. It’s like a dessert inside a dessert. Get the recipe here.

#3. Ice cream sandwiches (done right).


This handy trick makes it simple to create the perfect ice cream cookies sandwich. Find it here.

#4. Purple yam ice cream.

MJs Kitchen

Weird? Check. Delicious? Check. Try this purple yam ice cream for something a little different. Recipe here.

#5. Reese’s ice cream cupcakes.

A Pumpkin and a Princess

Chocolate and peanut butter make for a perfect pairing in these ice cream cupcakes. Recipe here.

#6. Five minute ice cream cake.

Living Well Spendingless

Ice cream cakes are made easy with this simple recipe.

#7. Two ingredient ice cream bread.


Make a sweet dessert bread in your favorite ice cream flavor with this easy recipe.

#8. Homemade coffee ice cream.

Eat At Home Cooks

Get your coffee fix without the heat with this yummy recipe.

#9.Watermelon bombe.

Joy Of Baking

Layers of lime sherbet, raspberry sorbet, and vanilla ice cream combine for a spherical dessert that looks AND tastes good. Recipe here.

#10. Dr Pepper ice cream.

Melissa Kaylene

Dr Pepper, a southern favorite, makes a delicious ice cream. Recipe here.

#11. Grilled pineapple dessert.

Eat At Home Cooks

The grilled pineapple adds a a new flavor twist on the classic pineapple upside down cake. The ice cream on top is the crown jewel of this recipe.

#12. Homemade roasted pistachio ice cream.

Ice Cream Science

The nutty flavor of this homemade ice cream is divine. Recipe here.

#13. Organic salted caramel ice cream.

Holistic Health Naturally

This salted caramel ice cream makes the perfect topping for a piece of piping hot pie. Recipe here.

#14. Nutella ice cream.

Crumb Blog

Nutella is a chocolaty, nutty favorite, and now you can have it in ice cream form. Thank us later. Recipe here.

#15. Mint chip ice cream.

Unrefined Kitchen

Real peppermint oil is the secret weapon of this homemade mint and chocolate concoction. Recipe here.

#16. Three-ingredient bubblegum ice cream.

The Domestic Rebel

The bubble gum flavor is perfect for cooling off on a hot day. Recipe here.

#17. Vegan banana peanut butter ice cream.

Healthy Nibbles and Bits

Real bananas, peanut butter, and walnuts give this sweet treat a layered flavor. Recipe here.

#18. Cookie monster ice cream.

Simplee Thrifty

The bright blue color makes this one a hit with kids, but even adults will be asking for seconds of this delicious cookie monster themed ice cream. Recipe here.

#19. Four-ingredient blueberry frozen yogurt.

Healthy Nibbles and Bits

Real berries make this frozen yogurt recipe perfect for a summer afternoon by the pool.

#20. Avocado and coconut ice cream.

Spanglish Baby

This interesting recipe omits dairy products in favor of fresh avocado, which gives it a creamy texture without the lactose. Recipe here.

#21. Drumstick bars.

Skinny Not Skinny

This recipe uses the ingredients of the popular Drumstick ice cream cones to create a layered treat that can be cut into bars.