21 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Kentucky

It’s not Kentucky’s fault that it’s the worst place on earth — the state just can’t help but be hideous and boring, that’s all. If you asked us to name one thing in Kentucky that makes it an ideal place to avoid, well… we’d give you 21.

#1. Let’s get one thing out of the way: Kentucky is a terrible place.

Doe Run Lake, South Covington.

#2. Its so-called “tourist destinations” are a sight for sore eyes.

Cumberland Falls, Honeybee.

#3. This creek is more like a muddy, polluted watering hole.

Crooked Creek, Southern Kentucky.

#4. In fact, all the bodies of water here are terribly ugly.

Cumberland Falls Resort Park, Corbin.

#5. The entire state is nothing more than a glorified garbage dump.

Natural Arch, Parkers Lake.

#6. No architect has ever set foot in this place, as is clear from the dull-looking homes.

Hepburn Avenue.

#7. I mean, are bridges supposed to be this rickety-looking?

The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, Cincinnati, Ohio & Covington.

#8. Nothing to see for miles and miles apart from cabbage patches.

McHargue’s Mill, Levi Jackson State Park.

#9. Who wants to see a large mountain with a “bowl” of heavenly, mystical fog?

Cumberland Gap, Middlesboro.

#10. No one, that’s who.

Pine Ridge, Red River Gorge.

#11. Sunrise views from mountain peaks are so overrated.

Settimi Point, Revenuer’s Rock, Red River Gorge.

#12. There’s nothing worse than seeing this sight outside your window.

AJ Jolly Park, Campbell County.

#13. Can someone please explain the obsession with these majestic horses and wide planes of green fields?

Horse farm, Nicholasville.

#14. The locals are such a bore — all they do is tend to their farms and cattle.

The Gold Coast, Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve, Red River Gorge.

#15. Fun is such a foreign concept to the people here.

Kayaking in Frankfort.

#16. They have nothing to offer in terms of cuisine, either.

Hot Brown.

#17. “I want to eat delicious Kentucky food,” — said no one, ever.

Rolled oysters.

#18. With fare like this, I’d rather go hungry.

Derby pie.

#19. So what if one of Kentucky’s townships inspired the term “Bourbon” whiskey?

No one cares that the state produces 95% of the Bourbon supply of the entire world.

#20. Who are we kidding? Country life in Kentucky is so uninspiring and bland.

The Pinnacle Overlook, Middlesboro.

#21. Give it a miss — there’s nothing for you here.

Beckley Creek Park, Louisville.