21 Things Every Book Lover Needs In Their Home

As a bonafide book lover, the idea of filling up every available space in your home with books has probably crossed your mind a few times. Well, you might find that these brilliant book-themed items are not only practical, but also a lot more conducive to intelligent living that the boring alternatives.

#1. A duvet cover that reminds you of the three things you really need in life.

Eat Sleep Read duvet cover.
Price: $99.

#2. Westeros at your feet.

A Map of Ice and Fire rug.
Price: $28.

#3. Because nothing looks better than an open book. Yes, even food.

Book-shaped plates and dishware.
Price: Starts at $9.99.

#4. Basically, it’s the perfect representation of your book-loving life.

Reading Gals clock.
Price: $24.

#5. Who needs sleep, indeed!

Sleep Is Good But Books Are Better throw pillow.
Price: $25.

#6. Pretty and multifunctional.

Terracotta book-end vase.
Price: $20.95.

#7. For that much-needed creative push.

Writers and Readers skin for laptops and tablets.
Price: Starts at $25.

#8. Why have rare first editions on your shelf when you can have them on your wall?

First Edition artwork.
Price: $199.

#9. Find your way around the world of literature.

Book map.
Price: £25.

#10. Imagine this: all the books that made you who you are today immortalized in a custom painting.

Custom painting of your ideal bookshelf by artist Jane Mount.
Price: $315.

#11. Saint Neil. Saint Stephen. Saint Maya. Because why not?

Sainted Writers candles.
Price: $12.

#12. Wallpaper that look like a stack of books.

Stacked Paperback wallpaper.
Price: $248.

#13. Never will you find a wittier cutting board in all the land.

Romeo and Julienne cutting board.
Price: $29.

#14. Gives new meaning to cozying up with a book.

Olde Book Pillow Classics.
Price: Starts at $17.99.

#15. Because, Gertrude Stein.

Gertrude Stein Beerstein.
Price: $24.

#16. A little Dr. Seuss wisdom goes a long way.

Dr. Seuss Quote wall decal.
Price: $12.

#17. Or just knock.

Lord of the Rings door sign.
Price: $44.

#18. The only chance you’ll ever get to having a drink with the greats.

“Great Drinkers” of Literature shot glass set.
Price: $16.95.

#19. You’ll be swooning throughout dinner (or lunch).

Love Letter napkins.
Price: $50.

#20. After all, who can memorize all those spells?

Practical Guide to Spells and Wizardry print.
Price: $55.

#21. Quite literally the stairway to heaven.

Price: $25.

Can I have them all?