21 Vintage Photos Show How Kids Had Fun Before The Internet

Do you think kids today — or even adults for that matter — could imagine a life without internet?

It wasn’t too long ago when this was the norm. Kids had to play outside, use their imagination, and get creative with whatever they could find. These old photos will give you a flavor of what it was really like to be a kid in the non-digital age.

1. Circa 1855: Children playing marbles.

2. 1870: A child enjoys “galloping” on his toy horse on wheels.

3. 1887: A little girl assembles a “camera” from a stool and flowerpot and photographs her friend.

4. Circa 1892: Children living in a slum put their creativity to work with improvised swings tied to a lamppost.

5. Circa 1905: These children play golf with clubs made of sticks.

6. 1912: Two girls play with a Campbell Soup kid doll.

7. 1913: A young boy carries a butterfly net in an open field.

8. 1919: Two children play with boats along the banks of Rising Sun, Indiana as a steamboat passes.

9. 1930s: Two children share a blissful moment on the swing.

10. 1935: Children enjoy a game of leap frog in Harlem, NY.

11. 1930s: These boys set their toy boat to sail on the shallow end of the river.

12. 1945: Two boys re-enact some gymnastic moves at the park.

13. 1945: A little girl holds the mast of her toy sailboat as she prepares it for sailing.

14. 1948: A boy on the verge of jumping into a fountain in Washington, DC.

15. 1953: A boy assumes a race stance as he drives his pedal car.

16. 1955: A young boy leans back as he prepares to pitch a ball.

17. 1959: A kid enjoys the strong pressure of a fire hydrant.

18. 1965: This young boy runs alongside a park car to “fly” his airplane.

19. 1965: A little girl is cheered on by playmates as she plays hopscotch.

20. 1970: Children in New York get drenched as they play around a fire hydrant.

21. 1976: This youngster pulls a skate off the ground.

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