22 Creative Bookmarks That Will Make Any Book Lover Frantically Throw Money At The Screen

Most voracious readers suffer from a condition called hypo-bookmark-ism, which basically means that you constantly find yourself without a usable instrument to mark a page with. There’s only one cure for this. Just get yourself a bookmark.

We recommend the ones below.

#1. Reading Lamp Bookmark

“Here, here! Look here! I’m shining my light on your page for you. Do you love me?” It’s too adorable, ugh. Get it here.

#2. Witch Legs Bookmark

We can’t help but feel that the book’s going to run away. Get it here.

#3. Hippo In Water Bookmark

Look, it’s taking a bath. Get it here.

#4. Help Bookmark

He’s drowning in words. Get it here.

#5. Be Right Back…

Reassure your book that you’re not leaving it forever. Get it here.

#6. Pointing Finger Bookmark Showing Exactly Where You Finished Reading

Great for those who can never seem to remember which paragraph they were at. Not that it’s ever happened to us. Get it here.

#7. Zipped Book Bookmark

This will make even the thickest calculus book look cool. Get it here.

#8. Reading Light – Book Holder

It’s like a bed, but for your book. Get it here.

#9. Bookmarks Which Interact With Book Covers

How come nobody else has thought of this before? So simple yet so smart. Get it here.

#10. Penguin Bookmark

For those who like penguins. Which is everyone. Get it here.

#11. Shark Bookmark

*Jaws theme song plays in the background* Get it here.

#12. Crochet Flower

So pretty and dainty, like it belongs in a Jane Austen novel. Get it here.

#13. Cup Of Coffee

Because coffee and books go hand in hand, natch. Get it here.

#14. Cut Pet

Curiosity killed the cat. And the rest of the animals in the farm, apparently. Get it here.

#15. Sprout Bookmark

Especially relevant to horticulturists. Get it here.

#16. Cassette Tape Bookmarks

#90sKids. Get it here.

#17. Dragon And A Knight Bookmark

Fairytales will never go out of style. Get it here.

#18. Birds

We might buy them just for decoration. So pretty. Get it here.

#19. Fox Bookmark

We all know what the fox says, but what does he read? Get it here.

#20. Read

What, no please? Rude. Get it here.

#21. Grass Page Markers

This would work really well for textbooks. You could grow a forest. Get it here.

#22. Bloody Bookmark

Perfect for particularly macabre novels. Get it here.

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