22 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Beer

Beer is the world’s most consumed alcoholic beverage. And it’s been around for ages, but how much do you actually know about it?

#1. The beer belly is a lie.

According to nutritionist Dr. Kathryn O’Sullivan, who exposed the falseness of this widespread belief.

#2. Beer strengthens bones.

Beer is rich in silicon, a mineral which increases calcium deposits.

#3. The bumps on the bottom of beer bottles are there for a reason.

They provide friction when the bottles travel on conveyor belts.

#4. You can tell how alcoholic your beer is depending on how things float in it.

The denser the beer, the less alcohol. True story.

#5. When ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, they sustained themselves with beer.

Workers at Giza received about 4 litres of beer a day!

#6. There’s a study that claims beer can prevent kidney stones.

A bottle a day apparently reduces the risk by 40%. Who would’ve thought?

#7. Vikings believed in a sacred goat whose udders would supply a limitless amount of beer.

All part of the Valhalla appeal.

#8. Jelly beer is an actual thing.

Popular in Thailand, beers are cooled in a machine called a Bia Wun, which gives the beer a sort of slushie form.

#9. Weed-infused beer is also an actual thing.

Because smoking bud is soooo 2000. You can buy it commercially (maybe?) or google for a recipe.

#10. Beer helps increase your memory.

According to Rush University Medical Center, beer makes you 23% less likely to develop memory problems later in life.

#11. There’s beer made with real moon dust.

We can all thank Dogfish Head for that.

#12. George Washington’s troops were partially paid in beer.

He had his own brewhouse in Mount Vernon, so it made sense. *Cough* product placement *cough*.

#13. Garlic beer exists, and apparently it’s not that bad.

Dark, roasty, and surprisingly, chocolatey.

#14. You can also get beer concentrate.

Check it out here. It’s perfect for those camping trips!

#15. There are gluten-free beers that don’t suck.

According to this list from thrillst. Because if anything should be gluten-free, it’s beer… right?

#16. There’s a hotel made out of 83,000 beer cans.

Brewhouse Mountain Eco-Inn in York Haven, Pennsylvania, can be rented out, straight through Airbnb.

#17. Beer can be used to put out fires.

Mainly because it’s mostly made up of water. Just shake a bottle of beer and spray it towards a fire to put it out. FireScienceSchools lists beer as a fire extinguishing tool, right in between urine and sand.

#18. Beer increases your dopamine levels.

We can all thank the University of Indiana for this fine discovery.

#19. You can take a beer bath as a spa treatment.

You can bathe in your beer, and drink it too. #nojudgment.

#20. There are universities in America that offer courses on beer brewing.

Seriously. Google it.

#21. Beer bubbles are monitored using the same technology that’s used to monitor volcanoes.

Here, some literature on the Physics of Beer Bubbles.

#22. Keeping beer in freezing temperatures gives it a stronger kick.

Take our word for it. Or if you’re a bit skeptical, you can read about it on popsci.

Go forth and spread the good news of the brew!