100 Things You Can Start Doing Now To Improve Your Life

When it comes to setting goals and making new resolutions, we’ve all dabbled with making lists of things we are going to do that will change our lives for the better. But the problem is that most of the time the things we come up with are not specific or actionable enough. Some examples of this are things like “get 8 hours of sleep”, “eat healthy”, and “exercise every day”.

We’ve compiled a more thoughtful list of suggestions that are quite specific but very doable. If you start following even just a few of these, it should make a positive impact on your life for the better!

1. Call your parents and/or grandparents.

2. Learn the last name of all your coworkers.

3. Hug someone new.

4. Write down something you are grateful for every morning.

5. Wake up at the same time every day – including weekends!

6. Make a playlist of your favorite songs from when you were in high school.

7. Watch the sunrise at least once every week.

8. Get rid of all the junk food in your house and replace it with healthy snacks instead.

9. Stop eating 3 hours before you go to bed.

10. Order water at restaurants instead of soda or juice.

11. Say “yes” when someone asks you to do something, even if it’s inconvenient.

12. Volunteer for a charity or organization that you believe in.

13. Make your bed every morning before you leave the house.

14. Try a new restaurant at least once every month.

15. Send someone you care about a handwritten letter in the mail.

16. Wear something colorful – even if it’s just one piece of clothing like a scarf or tie.

17. Cook something totally new for dinner twice a month.

18. Unfollow/Unfriend 5 people on Facebook who you just don’t care about anymore.

19. Eat at least one meal with your family per week – no phones or TV!

20. Document your life by writing down important dates, events, and milestones in a journal. 

21. Go on at least 2 dates per month with your significant other.

22. Drop off a letter of gratitude to someone who did something nice for you recently, even if it was just holding the door open.

23. Spend an hour outside every day – walk around the block, lay in the grass, sit by a river or lake, etc.

24. Do something spontaneous and adventurous – even if it’s just traveling somewhere new for the weekend!

25. Drink one less beer/wine/liquor bottle of alcohol per week.

26. Say “I’m sorry” when you know you should.

27. Switch up your workout routine by trying yoga, kickboxing, pilates, etc instead of the same ol’ gym every time.

28. Make a point to learn 2 new things about the people you work with every day, even if it’s just their favorite sports teams or where they grew up.

29. Buy one stranger coffee once a month – no explanation needed!

30. Make time to call/visit your older relatives once a month.

31. Take a dance class!

32. Buy a new book and read it cover to cover before you allow yourself to get distracted.

33. Spend an entire day going through your closet, drawers, and shelves – don’t forget about that box of stuff under your bed or in the back of the closet!

34. Go for a run.

35. Make a list of goals and resolutions for the upcoming year, then prioritize them in order from most important/urgent to least important/urgent.

36. Clean out your car and donate or sell items you don’t use anymore.

37. Let someone go ahead of you in a grocery store checkout line.

38. Make an effort to become friends with someone who has a very different perspective than you.

39. Check in with your significant other when you’re apart (via text or phone call) to let them know you’re thinking of them.

40. Go to a comedy show once every other month.

41. Make a list of 5 things you’re looking forward to in the upcoming week, and do at least 2 of them every week!

42. Stop using the excuse, “I’m too busy.” You’re not that busy; you just prioritize things poorly and give yourself no time to relax!

43. Write a list of 5 people who have positively impacted your life in some way – pick one and send an email or handwritten note thanking them for inspiring you and making your life better.

44. Do something spontaneous and crazy once a month – sky dive, drive to a city you love on the other side of the state, etc.

45. Own less stuff by selling items you don’t use anymore on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.

46. Volunteer at least one Saturday per month at your local animal shelter, soup kitchen, etc.

47. Spend more time outside and in nature – take a hike or walk around your neighborhood to get to know it better!

48. Drink a glass of water every time you walk through the kitchen or go to the bathroom.

49. Spend one Saturday morning organizing everything in your bathroom – including all the little stuff you have stashed away in drawers!

50. Call one friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with but keep forgetting to.

51. Go for a run in the morning when your alarm goes off, before checking your phone or email.

52. Watch at least one TED talk every week – there are so many good ones!

53. Don’t eat dinner in front of the TV or your computer.

54. Keep a gratitude journal – write down one thing you’re grateful for in life every day.

55. Stop bringing your phone into the bathroom when you shower or get ready in the morning.

56. Write yourself a love letter and keep it somewhere special to read when you need inspiration, like on bad days or when you’re sad/frustrated.

57. Do something to improve your physical health every day, even if it’s just taking the stairs instead of the elevator or doing 10 push-ups.

58. Make your bed every day.

59. Make a Pinterest board of things you want to try, then set aside time every week to do at least one off the list.

60. Start practicing active listening – it’s all about being present and giving full attention to the person speaking, which can be difficult when you’re multi-tasking!

61. Invite a friend over to your house for a home-cooked meal.

62. Start a meditation/mindfulness practice to counteract stress and anxiety.

63. Download an app like Headspace or Calm to help guide you through meditations and mindfulness – they’re really easy to get started with and highly effective.

64. Stop limiting what you can do by believing negative “I’m not good enough” thoughts about yourself.

65. Practice saying, “no,” more often when people ask you for things; prioritize your time and energy on the things that are most important to you!

66. Say, “thank you,” more often – it’s a simple way to make someone’s day better.

67. Find something new to be passionate about and start learning everything you can about it.

68. Practice small acts of kindness daily – leave random notes, wish people good luck before exams or big presentations, etc.

69. Stop talking about what’s wrong or right with life and start looking for solutions instead – focus on problem-solving, not problem-finding.

70. Write down your goals and dreams for the future and then read them every morning, like a daily affirmation!

71. Take good care of yourself by getting enough sleep (7-9 hours per night), eating well (nutrients over junk food; eat at least one fruit/veggie per meal), and drinking enough water (64 ounces daily).

72. Consistently do something that makes you happy each day, whether it’s watching a funny show or listening to your favorite band.

73. Keep track of the things you spend money on so you can work towards saving more for goals or experiences rather than material things.

74. Always try to learn something new – take an online class, read a book, listen to podcasts, etc!

75. Ask for help when you need it and remember that no one is perfect!

76. Keep your home clutter-free so you can easily find the things you’re looking for; declutter regularly.

77. Stop being a perfectionist – nothing is ever going to be perfect, so do your best and let it go!

78. Say, “good morning,” and “goodnight,” every day to the people you love… even if you see them in person throughout the day!

79. Keep track of your good habits and the bad ones that need breaking by tracking them in a journal or creating a habit board.

80. Use social media wisely – focus on promoting other people’s work rather than just putting up self-promotional posts.

81. Practice the best version of yourself, not trying to imitate others.

82. Treat your parents like they are your friends – get to know them better by asking questions about their life, what they used to be like when they were younger, etc.

83. Make an effort to spend time with family members you don’t see often by planning a get together or a trip.

84. Take photos of the places you go and the people you love.

85. Get a plant for your room and take care of it – the benefits are endless!

86. Join a club or group that interests you – it’s a great way to meet new friends and learn new things!

87. Learn a language or take a class to practice it – even if you never use it outside of school, it’s fun and interesting.

88. Practice your signature – it’s a great way to leave personal, identifiable marks on things without having to do much!

89. Join Toastmasters ( or another public speaking group that will help you feel more confident in yourself and your abilities to communicate with others.

90. Join a youth mentorship program – they’re designed to help you find your interests and passions, and can provide great resources/contacts for future success.

91. Learn how to play an instrument.

92. Network with professionals in the field(s) you are interested in by following them on social media or attending industry events.

93. Start a blog – you can share your thoughts and ideas with the world, learn something new by doing research or getting feedback from others, and build your personal brand through content!

94. Try out a new hair style or change up your usual look.

95. Make a YouTube channel and start a vlog

96. Ask for a raise at work.

97. Ask a crush out on a date.

98. Do something for yourself – treat yo’ self!

99. Eat a radish – they’re good for you and your breath!

100. Be your own best friend instead of putting pressure on yourself by comparing yourself to others. 

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