22 Tweets That Perfectly Capture The Chaos Of Facebook Going Down

So… Facebook went down.

Yes people, the unbelievable just happened. It was as likely to happen as World War III, but alas, go down they did.

If you are like 90% of the Facebook addicted population, you would have likely taken to Twitter for answers.

And… you also probably didn’t expect to step on a landmine of hilarity.

#facebookdown was the top trending hashtag today:

And it was some serious shit, apparently:

This was tweeted by @AP in between news of Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia, and Argentina’s spy agency dissolution plans.

Some people were kind enough to comfort others:


Some totally lost their sense of direction (and maybe sanity):

There were a few who were confused with the sudden need to engage in human social interaction:


People were forced to make do with what they had:

Those glass-half-full types were annoyingly optimistic:

There were a few theories as to the source of this dastardly attack on humankind:

So-called “authorities” refused to address the rising panic and just did not cooperate:

This day will go down in history to commemorate all the courageous survivors who stuck to their guns:

You deserve a medal, you brave soul, you:

But mostly everybody’s just glad it didn’t turn into a full-fledged apocalypse:

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