23 Photos Of Norway That Look Like They Are Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

There’s something incredibly mysterious and magical about Norway, and these gorgeous photos of the Norwegian countryside and architecture dotting the land look like they’ve been plucked straight out of a storybook.

#1. A natural pool in the forest — Oslo.


#2. A random house — Rogaland, Gullingen.


#3. Kvednafossen Waterfall — Oppland.

Lars Neumann

#4. Fantoft Stave Church — Bergen.

Juanita Wilder

#5. Lake Bondhus — Bondhusbreen.

photo by Heinrich Pniok, License FAL

#6. Renndølsetra — Sunndal.


#7. Old seter huts — Norangdal Valley.

Surabaya Johnny 99

#8. A fisherman’s hut — Undredal.

Ester Ayerdi

#9. An ancient road — Vindhellavegen.


#10. At the End of the World — Tjøme.

Allan Pedersen

Yes, that’s actually the name of the place.

#11. The bridge over Låtefossen Waterfall — Odda, Hordaland.


#12. Trees growing on the roof of a house — Hemsedal.

National Geographic

#13. Fjord houses — Stryn.


#14. A house with aurora borealis as a backdrop — Grønoøy.

Hans Marius Mindrum

#15. A barn and barn bridge — Valldal Valley.

Thor News

#16. Borgund Stave Church — Borgund.


#17. A fairy tale house — Hunderfossen, Lillehammer.

Ester Ayerdi

#18. An old village — unknown location.


#19. An old sæter house — Sykkylven.

Johanne Marie Rogn

#20. A small house by a lake — Oppland.

Zsolt Halasi

#21. King Oscar Ii Chapel — Grense, Jakobselv.

Runar Pettersen

#22. Vardøhus Fortress — Vardø.


#23. A small, spooky house — Væroy.

Lisbeth Risvoll


  1. awwww Tina beautiful pics. will travel when i retire

  2. A BARN and BARN BRIDGE?? Can’t get any better than dat! This whole post is too beautiful and otheroworldly for words.

  3. I love my country! Not only the nature, but also the system. Socialdemocraty is the best system!

  4. How beautiful but hard living—wonder how my ancestors did that.