25 Plants That Prove There Is Always A Reason To Keep Going

Even though humans have had a huge impact on the world, we can still learn a beautiful lesson from the nature that surrounds us. These 25 different plants have proven that we can all find a way to thrive, no matter what the circumstances are.

While weeds and grasses may not appear to be physically strong as we usually see them, their true strength is exposed in these incredible images. From forcing their way through harsh desert climates to exposing the surprisingly weak elements of building materials and flourishing in the most unexpected places, these plants show that it’s always possible to find strength even when it seems like everything is against you.

Dr. Sara Dennis

Guy Tal


Wei-Feng Xue

Laurent Bartkowski

Ed Sijmons

Ari C

David Poe

Markus Gebauer

H.C. Williams

Richard Calmes

Chris Goldberg

James Jackson

Dean Forbes

Ireena Nieuwenhuis-Worthy

Andre Scultori


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