25 Style Charts Every Man Needs To See

The art of dressing like a real gentleman isn’t as hard as you think — and it’s definitely rewarding. Don’t forget to celebrate with a Cuban cigar.

#1. First, know the basic suit styles and fabric patterns.


There are different suits for different folks. A tailor-fit suit makes any man effortlessly stylish.

#2. Know when to literally push the right buttons.


Yes, there is a social protocol for buttoning up your suit.

#3. Know how to mix-and-match shirts and ties.


Slow down, give it a little thought when you match your shirt and tie, and don’t get flagged down by the fashion police.

#4. Learn how to combine tricky patterns together.


A dashing gentleman knows that “finding a good match” is not just applicable to finding a life partner but also in determining the best suit,shirt, and tie pattern combinations.

#5. Get to know the different plaid patterns.


Impress Vogue Magazine’s Anna Wintour by knowing the different plaid patterns.

#6. These suit-fitting tricks should be up your sleeves.


James Bond’s secret to crime fighting is a bespoke suit that lets him move around freely.

#7. Choose the right pair of shoes.


“It is totally impossible to be well-dressed in cheap shoes,” says Hardy Amies, an English men’s fashion designer.

#8. Look dapper, not dope.


A gentleman is kind to society. Dress well and don’t give others a sore sight of your pants-eating bottoms.

#9. Know when it’s a good fit.


Dressing well never goes out of style. Wearing a larger suit makes you look like a hobo. Wearing a smaller size doesn’t help you at all.

10. Put an end to “hanging” pants hems.


Your trousers should have “break” or a slight scrunch at the hem where it touches your shoes. Ideally, it should between a quarter and a half break.

#11. Discover the different types of shirt collars.


A real gentleman should be able to distinguish the different shirt collars. Have at least 2 – 3 collar styles in your closet.

#12. Learn how to wear a tux without looking like a penguin.


A real gentleman can pull off a tuxedo anytime, anywhere.

#13. Create variety in your wardrobe.


Color combinations are there for a reason. Avoid a monochromatic wardrobe. At same time, avoid looking like a walking Christmas tree.

#14. Master the art of rolling up your sleeves.


Messy cuffs look shoddy. Aim to look refined at all times.

#15. Decode the dress codes like a boss.


Tip: an event’s dress code is usually written beneath the RSVP.

#16. Throw out apparels from your puberty.


Do a good deed and burn — don’t give away– that Fiery Shirt.

#17. Practice folding a pocket square.


They are made to complement your suit, tie, and cuff links. Avoid blowing your nose with them. Not even in life and death situations.

#18. Make a bowtie without your mom.


And don’t even use those hideous ready-made bows with garters.

#19. Be adept in knotting a necktie.


The first test of a real gentleman is knotting a necktie without breaking a sweat. Never use a clip-on tie.

#20. Solve the baffling mystery of how to wear cuff links.


Don’t hate yourself for not figuring out this easy life skill. You’re not alone.

#21. Wear a scarf like a boss.


It should accentuate your wardrobe. It’s a scarf, not a security blanket.

#22. Enrich your vocabulary with the different shoe styles.


And now you know “oxfords” and “loafers” are not the same.

#23. Choose the right rockstar sunglasses


Accentuate your facial features with the right frame.

#24. Know how to keep your shirts wrinkle-free


Avoid the walk of shame. Don’t look life you’ve stepped out from the dryer.

#25. Treat your wardrobe like a lady.