25 Signs You Found The Man You Could Spend The Rest Of Your Life With

If life were just a neverending rom-com movie, then knowing if someone is The One wouldn’t be so difficult. But reality is far from the silver screen, and unfortunately, no one in the world has all the answers.

Deciding if a person is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now involves so much more than just counting the butterflies in your stomach. If the guy has at least half of the qualities identified below, he’s not only a keeper but more importantly, a downright awesome human being.

1. He surprises you for no other reason than to see you smile.

For our anniversary Gordon surprised me with a night at the drive in movie theatre. We took his truck and he threw blankets and pillows in the back and packed chai tea and pbjs and cookies. He is the sweetest. Cute date night ideas. Anniversary date night. Cami wade photography

2. He pays attention when you talk.

3. You feel incomplete when he’s gone.

4. But you have your own life to live even when he’s not with you.


5. He will be honest with you, and will appreciate you doing the same.

cannot wait to spend Saturday mornings like this with my husband/soulmate one day <3

6. You genuinely want him to be a part of your life.

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7. You love him not just because he’s your boyfriend, but because he’s an all-around amazing person.


8. If you get the chance to meet him again for the first time, you know you’d think that he’s awesome.

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9. Your goals and interests revolve around the same things.

10. But it doesn’t mean you don’t learn from each other.

11. He only wants the best for you.

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12. He always lifts you up.

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13. He’s willing to help when you need a favor.

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14. He gives you compliments.


15. Your family thinks he’s amazing, too.

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16. He doesn’t believe in ‘promises are made to be broken’.

17. Your friends think he’s the bees knees.

18. His little quirks may bother you a bit, but you know you love him in spite of everything.


19. He never says anything that might hurt you.

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20. He doesn’t talk negatively about your appearance.

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21. When you both fight, you fight fair (no name-calling).

22. He can make you smile just by looking at him.


23. Or turned on.

24. He knows how to cheer you up when you’re having a bad day.

25. You can’t imagine a future without him.

50 years on and they can still dance together like when they first met ...

If only one guy was on your mind throughout this entire article, then maybe you’ve already found him.